Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from TPM Outdoor

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Harmonious 2011 ahead!

**TPM is closed on 24 Dec and 31 Dec 2010. Our office will be open from Jan 3 2011 Mon onwards. However, our office remains contactable at 6273 0555 throughout. Please let us have your requests early to ensure timely delivery of campaigns and service during this period. It will be great to have your campaigns up in time for the festivities! **

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jakarta no Longer Appropriate as Capital

Jakarta no longer appropriate as capital

Irawaty Wardany, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
Thu, 11/25/2010 10:44 AM

Heavy traffic congestion, regular flooding, clean- water shortages and unaffordable land have prompted discourse on relocating the capital city.

“If we do not take action to overcome these problems, social and environmental problems in Jakarta as well as development disparity between the city and other regions in the country will only worsen,” Regional Representatives Council deputy chairman Laode Ida told a seminar on the sustainability of Jakarta as the capital and center of government at the University of Indonesia in Depok on Wednesday.

Currently, 661-square-kilometer Jakarta is home to about 9.6 million people, but during daytime the number can reach more than 12 million considering most people in the satellite cities work in Jakarta.

The condition is worsened by the fact that the number of vehicles has surpassed the city’s population. There are already 11.3 million vehicles in the city.

Furthermore, a study has found that Jakarta will be totally grid-locked by 2014.

Laode said moving the center of government to a region outside of Java was one option, considering the island is overly crowded. About 60 percent of Indonesia’s more than 230 million people reside in Java.

The second option, he said, was moving only legislative and executive activities, “but that would not offer significant change.”

A third option would be to develop other regions so that people would not be attracted to migrate only to Jakarta.

However, Laode said, the first and second options would cost the government more as it would have to build infrastructure in any region chosen as the new capital, as well as relocate all public servants.

“Considering the complexity of the process, the government needs to prepare a long-term plan as well as anticipate any social problems that may occur,” he said.

The third option would also be a financial burden on the central government in supporting development in the other regions, but it would have a positive impact because the distribution of migrants would be more even between one region and another.

However, the third option had the potential to spark social conflict between newcomers and indigenous people, he warned.

Sociologist Adrinof Chaniago, who is also the coordinator of the Indonesian Vision for 2033 team, said a study had been conducted on which region would be the most appropriate as the new capital and it concluded that the ideal region was somewhere in Kalimantan due to its accessibility, comfort and environmental capacity.

“In order to reorganize Jakarta, we must lighten its burden first,” he said.

However, the head of the Presidential Advisory Council, Emil Salim, said it would be better to use the funds to cover the cost of moving the center of government on solving the threat of gridlock in Jakarta in 2014 as it could have a vast political impact on the country.

“Beside, we already have all the infrastructure for government buildings, an electricity network and much more in Jakarta, so why bother developing a new one in a new region?”

He said to overcome the problems currently faced by Jakarta, the city administration should devise integrated development with its satellite cities, starting from a transportation system, industry, education, health and culture so that people would be less tempted to migrate to Jakarta.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outdoor Advertising - Embedded In The Fabric Of Media And Life Itself

In an article shared by my colleague Nora, Mike Baker, the CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association, wrote an interesting piece about the relevance of outdoor advertising. This article is a two part series found here (by Mike Baker) and here (by Kevin Shute, the founder of Rainmaker).

One quote resonated deeply especially since I am currently reading Joe Cappo's The Future of Advertising: New Media, New Clients, New Consumers in the Post-Television Age
Quoting: Mike Baker
"It is easy to overlook outdoor as a medium because it has no editorial surrounding, no commentary or editorial. Or does it? Actually outdoor is so embedded in the fabric that it has blended into it; think fashion ads on bus sides, special builds at airports and bus shelters.

And that is where it can play a role: intercepting people going about their daily lives, placing relevant messages in front of drivers, shoppers, commuters, in proximity to stores, announcing new things to see and do, new events and activities. It's so much part of the fabric, it's almost seamless."
Outdoor advertising is always there, where you and I work. live. play.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asia Travel - A One-Stop Travel Reservation Portal Like No Other is a travel reservation portal that is highly (if not extremely) comprehensive - from airtickets to cruises, to hotels to theme park tickets - and also offers many unique benefits include instant confirmation etc - I find it hard to believe that I am hearing about this for the first time.

For a company that has always strove for operational excellence in additional to building up its technology backbone, Asia is going to milk its advertising efforts well since customers will never be disappointed with's promise. has placed a billboard placement at Jalan Besar, heading towards the Sim Lim area. This is a strategic placement for as the billboard targets both the tourists from the city fringe hotels and backpackers' inn but also the heavy local traffic that is heading into the City.

Let be your first and only touchpoint to the rest of the world today.

Happy traveling!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bear Sighting in Singapore - Philips Electronics "It's a Close Shave"

The recent bear sighting in Singapore was a result of a viral marketing campaign by Philips Electronics for its shaver series.

Reminicent of the Singpost's Vandalised post boxes which was intended as a viral campaign for the Singapore Youth Olympics, the relevant authorities were activated for the wrong reasons again.

There was also this Balloon Boy incident in United States, 2009 - where by a 6 year old boy was feared adrift in a wayward homemade helium balloon. This Balloon Boy hoax costs the government US$47,000 for rescue search. In fact, his parents was later sentenced with jail terms for "the exploitation of the children..., exploitation of the media, exploitation of the emotions of the people"

It is my personal opinion that if this bear was spotted in some mall in bright day with approperiate signages ie. "Have a Close Shave Today!" Then I will laugh rather than shudder in fear which was my first reaction when I saw this picture of the "Bear in Singapore."

Sant Qiu had commented on his blog on Channelnews Asia today, on the marketing aspects of such a campagin, which was a worthy read for me too.

New Office New Look - Part 2

Following our earlier post, please update our office particulars -

TPM Outdoor Productions Pte Ltd
Blk 165 Bukit Merah Central #04-3687/ 89
Singapore 150165

Actually, the inside of the office looks better. Swing by and say hi to the Outdoor Advertising team behind the most number of billboard displays in Singapore.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"PNC Green Living Wall" - A Truly Green Billboard

An interesting linked shared by my colleague Jonas,

This innovative green wall idea is the "PNC Green Living Wall". It was created by Kari Elwell Katzander from Mingo Design for the PNC Financial Services Group in the United States of America USA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I am intrigued. How truly green...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010

Had the pleasure to be invited to the Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010 organised by the Singapore Advertisers Association on Oct 14 2010. It was a great showing and more importantly, the insights shared during the judges’ panel. Some comments from the judges’ panel that I remember include:

  • Emergence of a new medium – The Audience. Whereby the audience become the communicators of the message in Nokia's "The World's Biggest Signpost".

  • Creating “Contagious Ideas”

  • Even the best creative directors cannot force the clients to take risk; however, it is with the recession that clients are more open to explore new ways of getting the message out within a well-managed budget.

  • With so many filtering mechanisms available to the audience, the audience makes the choice to want to watch the advertisement. Thus a good advertisement will be able to give the audience a laugh or some useful consumer insight that the audience wants to know ie. Old Spice “Smell Like A Man”

    The Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010 was a fun and insightful afternoon thanks to the Singapore Advertisers’ Association.

    More pictures from the Cannes Lion 2010 from Ads Of The World
  • Monday, October 11, 2010

    Traffic Count - Singapore's Vehicle Population

    Taken from Singapore's Transportation Secrets by Christopher Tan at, I'll pick up some excerpts that gives some insights to our country's vehicle traffic numbers and how this can improve our traffic count capabilities:

    More and more people are moving - all the time.
    30 years ago, Singaporeans made 2.7 million daily trips. Now it's more than 11 million -in cars, buses and trains.

    The current balance in Singapore's average daily trips of 11 million (6 million by private transport, 3 million by bus and 2 million by rail) is likely to shift significantly toward public transit. This is mostly attributed to a major added investment -- $40 billion in Singapore dollars (U.S. $28.4 billion) -- being committed to expanding rail lines to 280 km by 2020.

    Size of the City v its Vehiclar Population
    Singapore is just 710 sq km - a bit bigger than New York City. It has 5 million people - more than double its population 30 years ago. Now, close to 1 million vehicles (of which 40,000 are from across the Malaysian border) zip around in a network of well-paved roads spanning 3,400 km.

    Growing car ownership
    Back in 1981, there were 163,355 passenger cars here. Today, there are 570,000. Yet Singapore's average car speed on arterial (main) roads during peak hours is 27 kmh (17 miles per hour), compared to as low as 16 kmh in London, 11 kmh in Tokyo and 5 kmh in Jakarta.

    Road pricing measures
    Singapore has tthe Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system - As a car passes any of the city's 69 gantries (electronic checkpoints), the card reader charges a fee, which varies significantly depending on time of day. For someone driving into the city during the morning rush hour, tolls across multiple gantries often add up to S$10 a day.

    Car ownership premium
    COE - Certificate of Entitlement is auction twice a month. Its price today hovers around S$20,000 in Singapore dollars, but it has been as high as S$110,000. On top of that, Singapore motorists pay 44 cents in duty for every liter of fuel they use (roughly $1.75 a gallon in the U.S.)

    Rail transit networks to supplement roads.
    Singapore opened its first rail transit line -- 6 kilometers, five stations - in 1987. Today, the rail network spans over 150 km (94 miles), with 106 stations serving four mass rapid transit lines (one partially opened) and three light rail transit lines.

    The future of Singapore's transportation system
    Transport Minister Raymond Lim has an ambitious goal: to increase the percentage of public transit trips during morning rush hours from 59% in 2008 to 70% in the next 10years. To do this, he acknowledges that public transport has to be as convenient and nearly as speedy as driving.

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    What's Marketing (It's a Joke...)

    Chill - It is a Friday - Refresher course for us with direct application examples! Happy Weekend ;)

    What is Marketing?
    - Contributor: Unknown (Let me know so that I can attribute this content correctly)

    1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" - That's Direct Marketing"

    2. You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says: "He's very rich. "Marry him." -That's Advertising"

    3. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day, you call and say: "Hi, I'm very rich. "Marry me - That's Telemarketing"

    4. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink, you open the door (of the car) for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her ride and then say:"By the way, I'm rich. Will you "Marry Me?" - That's Public Relations"

    5. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says:"You are very rich! "Can you marry me?" - That's Brand Recognition"

    6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" She gives you a nice hard slap on your face.
    - "That's Customer Feedback"

    7. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" And she introduces you to her husband. - "That's demand and supply gap"

    8. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say anything, another person come and tell her: "I'm rich. Will you marry me?" and she goes with him - "That's competition eating into your market share"

    9. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say: "I'm rich, Marry me!" your wife arrives. - "That's restriction for entering new markets"

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Airport Advertising at Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) Indonesia = Updated Statistics

    We have updated the passenger statistics at the Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) Indonesia with official figures from the Airport Authorities recently.

    In 2008, whereby the passenger figures were only 32.24mil, there was a whooping 15% increment to 37.14mil in 2009 for the Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta Airport . This was almost at par with the Singapore Changi Airport which was ranked the World's 21st busiest Airport with the Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) a close 22nd busiest Airport in the World.

    As of June in 2010, Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) is now the 15th busiest Airport of the World. And with my frequent flyer's status to a single country - I can vouch for this statistic as the queues have I have experienced have more than doubled over the last couple of months. More statistic from Wiki

    The growth in Indonesia is gaining strong momentum and the Bank of Indonesia (BI) has just raised its GDP growth forecast to 5.7% from 4.8% as seen in a Jakarta Post article on 2010, Sept 3. It certainly seems that Indonesia is now the new "I" or the additional "I" in the sought after emerging powerhouses of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

    Is your brand seen at the right place in this nation of 227mil?

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Why Out-Of-Home is more Relevant Than Ever in the Digital Age

    道高一尺,魔高一丈 is a Chinese saying which literally translates to “As virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten feet; The good is strong, but the evil is ten times stronger”. This Chinese saying summarizes many life situations such as cops and thieves and perhaps also how the audience is constantly filtering out advertisers’ efforts to target and engage them. This saying sprang to my mind, as I read about the new Google Priority Inbox.

    With the recent launch of the Google Priority Inbox last month, many direct marketers are scrambling to improve their email marketing strategies to overcome this new level of filter on top of the usually efficient spam filter. BrandRepublic’s analysis on Google Priority Inbox is well balanced citing particularly how targeting becomes more important than ever – “…this means segregating your lists, following design and HTML best practice and cutting out irrelevant ‘blanket blasts’ to everyone…”

    Digital media is indeed the “star” of our media mix today. It is a refreshing platform whereby its economics, ROI and the audience’s consumption are defined very differently from the other media. Digital media is also the supposed “giant-killer” of other media. It is all sounds very threatening; however, I have been thinking and personally, I believe that Out-of-Home is now more relevant in the media mix than ever.

    Without delving into (manipulable) statistics:
    • People have 16-18 waking hours a day to manage, out of which at least 8-10 of these hours are spent, Out of Home, at work for about 5 days a week.
    • Secondly, people are creatures of habit and are by nature social. While administrators try to seed new commercial centers in newly developed regions, people will prefer to take the easier way and revert to old ways if it is not too inconvenient or expensive.
    • Finally, thanks to the congregation of businesses and social activities and the long term nature of lease agreements, commercial and leisure focal points remain relevant to each community for decades and longer.
    • Times Square of New York City, Shibuya of Tokyo City, Orchard Road of Singapore and all the High Street of UK cities will remain bustling day-after-day-after-day, today, last decade and also in the far future.

    Thus well-planned Out-of-Home media can not be filtered out and will not be replaced by digital media. What do you think?

    How can the audience filter out an Out-Of-Home display? What if it is a large format display that is head-on in front of you, covering the peripheral vision too?

    Please share your thoughts.

    The World Expo 2010, Shanghai China

    I have a list of blog post ideas but expressing them into proper posts have taken me longer than usual. On a side note, I had visited the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China in mid Sept. I’ll just share my thoughts on the architectural and visual display aspect to fit into the scope of this blog on outdoor advertising.

    Taking in view that Expo only lasts about 6 months, these pavilions are designed to impress and give meaning to each country through creative use of space and visual aids. All these while at the same time, to be cost efficient and environmentally friendly. At first glance, I think the following pavilions are most intriguing to me. Starting with the UK Pavilion:

    The UK Pavilion is simple yet stunning as The Seed Cathedral with 60,000 seeds embedded into a meaningful and visually impactful display. I am glad I entered this pavilion to see the meaning within it. Otherwise, simply based on its exterior, I would have dismissed as a Giant ... erm...

    The Switzerland Pavilion has some interesting solar powered lighting that gives it both a different look in the day and in the night:

    The Latvia Pavilion was closed when I visited the Expo, but its design and its simplicity stuck a deep cord within me.

    And so did the Croatia Pavilion with the fluttering white flags against the brilliant rich red of its pavilion.

    I am sure there are many other pavilions that looked more impressive and had more “achievements” including Norwegian Pavilion which I did not get a chance to view. Many pavilions used a lot of giant digital screens but I did not manage to see any really good use of digital techniques that I thought I would have.

    The next Expo will be held in Milan, Italy in 2015. So till then.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Happy Independence Day Indonesia!

    Wishes all Indonesian clients, colleagues, friends and family HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

    Although it is the 65th Independence Day, it has been a restful day for all. Even wishes all the same.

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Happy National Day Singapore!

    Come to the Queenstown Junction this week and this is the scene that you will enjoy. With the festive street lighting and the Night Bazaar that happens nightly for the next 10 days, come have a Happy National Day with us and the rest of Queenstown!

    The LED screen was temporarily switched off to participate in the symbolic count down for the street lighting ceremony. So in 5... 4... 3... 2... and...

    It's on!

    Guest-of-honour for the evening of fun and celebrations was MP Mr Baey Yam Keng and the key grassroots members of Queenstown Citizens' Consultative Committee (CCC) incl. Patron and Chairman of the inaugural Queenstown Junction Light Up Committee, Mr Edward Liu and our key sponsor of the evening MOVA Chairman Mr S.P. Yow.

    What was also heartwarming to see was the joint efforts of the citizens and, wonderfully, the businesses in the Queenstown Junction area that came together in this show of support. Corporate sponsors that made this wonderful event happen include: MOVA, Carpe Diem Kindergarten, Jurong General Hospital (Alexandra), MDIS, OCBC, Republic Auto, and Ubi Auto Megamart (AML). The key stakeholders of the Junction also include the Queensway Shopping Centre, Anchorpoint, Ikea and Alexandra Village.

    We also understand that if this Light-up is to be continued, the funds raised from these corporate sponsors will not only fund the future Light-ups but also go to the welfare of the less fortunate of Queenstown community.

    It was indeed a night to remember and enjoy. And hopefully many more to come. So come'on down to Queenstown Junction today! Queenstown Welcomes The World!

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Hari Raya Celebrations at Geylang Serai

    While Aug 9 2010, marks our Nation's Fabulous 45, it is also the estimated start date of the Ramadan period leading to one of the biggest festivals for our Malay community - Hari Raya Puasa. As we are the authority only on outdoor advertising, you will have to find out more about the Hari Raya event with our Malay friends or from Wiki, like I did ;)

    Date Commenced: 1 Aug 2010
    Location: Geylang Serai, Singapore

    We have some targeted outdoor advertising media spaces available at the Geylang Serai area. This is one of the focal points of the Malay community in Singapore especially with the well renovated Pasar Geylang (Geylang Serai Wet Market) In fact we are all counting down to the start of the Ramandan period as there will be * a lot * of good food here!

    Some preview of the festvities at Geylang Serai was previously blogged at: Singtel at The Geylang Serai Area for Hari Raya

    Novohealth is one of our clients that just commenced their advertising efforts with us here this year. But not to worry - we have prime outdoor advertising spaces still available at this area , so if you are keen to advertise, do call us now!

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Geylang Singapore Through an Expat's Eyes

    Everyone in Singapore has heard of Geylang. But do we really know Geylang or is it brushed aside a little too quickly?

    Thanks to our several outdoor advertising sites situated in Geylang, I am an advocate for Geylang - not defending its reputation, just sharing what is Geylang really like rather than what we think it is. Before we let our stereotype get the better of us, this recent article "Eat, Love, Pray", The Straits Times July 11, 2010 by Luke T. Johnson writes from an Singapore Expat's eyes about Geylang Singapore:

    Some excerpts that made me laugh and nod my head in complete agreement:

    • Inevitably, everyone seems to have a favourite Geylang food stall.
    • I do love the food. But what really enchants me about Geylang is its untidiness, its chaos, that bustling edge that gives life there a sense of unpredictability...There are few other places on this island where the vices and weaknesses of man are on such vivid display.
    • Groups of punters crowd around tables in alleyways as wads of cash fervently change hands.
    • Young men quietly sell contraband cigarettes on rolled-out blankets, restocking from stashes hidden in sidewalk manholes.
    • And, of course, there are the even-numbered lorongs of the 10s and 20s, a Candyland of depravity for the morally flexible.
    • Food and sex are, understandably, what people most commonly associate with Geylang. But they comprise only part of a whole range of available experiences in the area – you never know what might happen.
    • ...I happen to live on a Lorong with a higher temple-to-brothel ratio than most ( I find the juxtaposition of temples and brothels in Geylang especially endearing).
    • Afterwards, and for the next hour, the man who had invited me in [the temple] spoke to me, in English, about his thoughts of life, God and the universe.

    So, who goes to Geylang to "Eat, Love, Pray"?

    Is Geylang more than what you think?

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Queenstown Welcomes The World!

    In celebration of our "Fabulous Forty-Five"
    – Singapore’s 45th National Day… not my "45th "la…

    TPM Outdoor is happy to celebrate our upcoming National Day together with the community and the corporate friends of “Queensway Junction”. Initiated by the Queensway Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) under the Tanjong Pagar GRC , the CCC will be holding the inaugural “Queensway Junction Light Up” from 30 Jul to 29 Aug 2010.

    This will be an exciting event. Aside from the street lighting, there will be a night bazaar and an opening ceremony held at this actively busy junction. This is a major cross-junction in the heart of Queenstown leading to the ECP-AYE. There are also a high number businesses around the Alexandra area thanks to Ikea (Alexandra), Anchorpoint, Queensway Shopping Centre and Alexandra Village (AV).

    Call us for sponsorship opportunities – your advertisement will go a long way for your marketing efforts and also the funding of this light-up event.

    See you at Queenstown!

    New Office New Look

    TPM Outdoor has moved!

    Please update your records as above. But the new office is still much works in progress, we will throw a warming party when the dust has settled down - literally. Hope that our improved office will serve our clients and friends better.

    I welcome your kind feedback.

    Thank you for your support.

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Chang Soda - Fizzy Billboard

    Fizz and Pop - goes Chang Soda's Fizzy Billboard

    Situated at Bangkok’s shopping district at Siam Center, Chang’s Fizzy Billboard is visible to passersby’s and curiosity-seekers of the busy metropolis. This billboard shows an oversized Chang Soda Water with its crown popped open and the bottle’s mouth belching thousands of white balloons every Friday and Saturday at 7.30 pm in May 2010. Seeking new ways to create an impact in today’s sea of daily ad bombardment while taking into account shrinking budgets is quite challenging, but Chang’s Fizzy Billboard takes the cake. Quoted from Trendhunter

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    The Health Promotion Board Message Roams

    With the recent surge of the hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) in Singapore, it is increasingly important for the message of prevention and identification of the disease to be at all levels of the community.

    TPM is supporting The Health Promotion Board of Singapore, HPB, to spread its community message to the grassroots level with a standard creative format at highly targeted areas of key malls, sub-urban centres, hospitals, swimming complexes and sporting areas etc.

    (Currently displayed at KK Hospital)

    This standard format comes in a 6-sheet scrolling lightbox (approx. 1.2m (W) x 1.8m (H)) and in an indoor context - it looks HUGE! Therefore there is an incredible visual impact.

    (Detail of the visuals for the Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease)

    Being a bright and vibrant design, done by the good folks at Ogilvy, the visuals are effective and interesting to both the mall visitors and the mall management too! We are also grateful to the team at Mindshare to manage all the multiple locations with us all. Furthermore, HPB had the wonderful foresight to include take-one holders so that interested audience can help themselves to more detailed information - but only if the viewer wants it.

    The lightboxes are currently at 15 locations islandwide for its May run. This lightboxes will be coming to you very soon as we are reaching out to at least 3-5 locations in the North, Central, East and West every month. The final site within each location is also carefully chose to reach out to the relevant audience thus this one located at Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang is actually on the 4th level facing the community library.

    (Currently displayed at Lot One)

    This will be especially effective at the sub-urban centres and to the parents of young families when they hang out in the malls or enjoying a well deserved but simple dinner at the neighbourhood mall.

    Make the right choice for your children so that we can all go play in a healthy and happy manner!

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    A "Fine" Use of Outdoor Advertising

    It seems that optical illusion as part of ourdoor advertising is growing in popularity these days. But I spotted another use of optical illusions to help lower traffic accidents -

    The method used in Canada to slow down traffic. The "drawings" are moved to different locations regularly. Less fines for speeders, but more effective in a different way.

    Outdoor advertising can save lives!

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Shell Outdoor Advertising on Mobile Billboard

    "Win 1 Year's Free Fuel Daily!"

    This is what our mobile billboard for Shell is shouting out all over Singapore. Launched yesterday on Wed 14 Apr, our mobile billboard will reach out to all drivers in Singapore. Here are some photos of the truck traveling near Bugis/ Suntec area, and at Kent Ridge (NUS)

    TPM also executed a similar project for Queensland Tourism in 2009. Read more here

    What is a Mobile Billboard?
    It is a giant truck fitted with a double-sided billboard display which may move everywhere and at anytime around in Singapore. It is very effective for reaching the target audience such as the youth, IT oriented and road-warrior/ mobile people.

    Due to the large creative canvass available, our mobile billboard is highly novel to any campaign efforts. There is ample space avaliable to execute full props decoration and installation of 2D/3D. Our design of the backdrop/ billboard display itself is optimised to provide maximum visibility. It is also highly mobile and can reach almost all roads; the display can be parked at most car park lots.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    What Is Augmented Reality?

    A recent article by the TODAY newspaper identified augmented reality (AR) as the “New Look at Reality”. AR is the “process of layering information and visuals over the real world” or more detailedly defined by Wikipedia as the term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.

    Picture Example of AR Used. Copyright of Dirk Platzek

    Mr Shen Heng, a developer of commercial users of AR in Singapore, was interviewed in the TODAY newspaper article. To quote Shen in the article:
    “You might soon see a lot more commercial uses of AR here. Mr Shen W Heng, creative director of local interactive design firm H1Studio gets up to three enquiries a month on AR-based applications from companies. His firm is developing a website for Samsung that will employ AR to promote the launch of its 3D television sets. “Companies like using augmented reality because it can put the product in the hands of users virtually,” said Mr Heng.”
    AR is not confined to smartphones with GPS and digital compasses, it is also enabled in the desktop computer as well. I think AR is the convergence platform for mobile apps, real time information and digital Out-of-Home (dOOH). Its marketing application possibilities are endless! To quote the the TODAY newspaper article (again):

    Google’s visual search mobile application for the Android platform called Google Goggles already lets you search simply by taking a picture of a namecard or information on a product like a book. But in the future, it might let you “Google” the real world as you see it.

    Said a Google spokesperson: Let’s say you’re walking down the street, using an augmented reality app, like Google Goggles, on your mobile phone to see what’s interesting around you. Through your phone’s camera, you see a billboard for a great product — basketball shoes. Using image recognition, the app could recognise that it’s a billboard for a particular shoe brand, let you choose to watch a video of one of its shoes in action, show an expandable ad for that brand, display all the nearest stores on an accompanying map, and include a way for you to order a shoe and pick it up on your way home from work.”

    Coupled with the power of social networks, I am looking forward to the launch of the new AR related killer app soon.

    Full article in PDF format from TODAY here

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Eyes On Rating: Out-of-Home Media Measurement

    This is something I must learn more about. Weekend homework, but this is a teaser article wholesale broadcast from - Andrew Hampp

    Outdoor Ad Industry Finally Gets Its Improved Metrics
    By Andrew Hampp
    Published March 30, 2010

    LOS ANGELES ( -- The outdoor industry, like all traditional media, suffered a difficult 2009 -- full-year ad revenues were down 15.6% to $5.9 billion, a $1.2 billion drop from 2008, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. But outdoor executives are banking on 2010 to become a rebound year not just in economic confidence but in accountability too. Eyes On, the industry's long-anticipated new audience measurement currency, has finally arrived.

    The improved metric system will measure audiences 'likely to see' an outdoor ad, with rich demographic and ethnographic data. A longtime project of the Traffic Audit Bureau, the outdoor industry's measurement agency, Eyes On has been in development for the last five years, including several delayed launches. The currency was conceived to provide more accurate audience data from the outdoor industry's previous measurement, Daily Effective Circulation, or DEC. Where DEC measured the audience who had the "opportunity to see" a billboard or outdoor location, Eyes On will measure the audiences "likely to see" an outdoor ad, with rich demographic and ethnographic data for the first time.

    Rocky Sisson, Clear Channel Outdoor's exec VP-sales and marketing, said Eyes On would give the outdoor industry necessary confidence in selling its inventory. "With DECs, you didn't know if the number was audited, advertisers didn't know where it come from, you would see billboards on the same road 500 feet from each other with different metrics," he said. "Now, with a centralized Eyes On number, we're giving clients a number that can really tell them who's likely to see their ad and making it much easier to buy."

    Competing with other media

    As buyers and sellers get more comfortable with using the new data, Eyes On could help them compare outdoor with other media more easily, buyers said.

    "We're still in the evaluation period, where everyone's kicking the tires on the car and looking at the capabilities," said Chris Gagen, senior VP- managing director of Aegis Media's Posterscope. "We haven't had the same vocabulary as other industries have, and we haven't had a lot of conversations about reach and frequency."

    The United Kingdom's outdoor industry underwent a similar currency transformation over a decade ago, Mr. Gagen noted, and saw revenues triple over the course of an 11-year period. Eyes On, coupled with the outdoor industry's increased investment in digital billboards and place-based video screens, has an opportunity to do the same for the United States market.

    The old metrics were a barrier to entry to some large, sophisticated marketers, Mr. Gagen added. "Out-of-home tended to be a one-off because it was measured in a different way," he said. "Now we see it as being a platform that can be put into sophisticated planning systems. We can let the data tell its own strong story."

    Sophisticated technology

    Eyes On was developed by the TAB using a combination of data from technology and research partners to provide outdoor media sellers with specific geographic and audience data. Micro-Measurement Solutions captured high-definition video measuring pedestrians' exposures to video, which was then vetted in a Perception Research Services laboratory to track how many eyeballs were actually engaged with a specific ad. A group called Marketing Accountability Partnership then applied the results of 400,000 units of inventory to the Eyes On database, sorting them by format, road type and location. Mediamark Research & Intelligence helped conduct over 50,000 travel surveys to gauge audiences' transportation habits and exposure to outdoor advertising, while People Count collected updated data from each market's traffic engineers. Finally, Telmar integrated all the eyetracking, circulation and travel survey data to produce the final Eyes On rating.

    Assembling all those moving parts was the main reason it took five years to develop and deploy Eyes On, according to Joe Philport, president of the Traffic Audit Bureau. "Considering where we started from, going from a system with significant weakness in terms of measuring what we had, to where we are today, a five-year cycle was necessary for us to deliver to all markets," Mr. Philport said.

    Eyes On probably won't help outdoor media companies charge more, at least initially, so much as it will help attract new clients and help existing clients use outdoor better, said Greg McGrath, Los Angeles market manager for Clear Channel Outdoor. Under the old Daily Effective Circulation currency, there were entire categories of marketers -- such as packaged goods -- that traditionally spent very little on the medium because it lacked certain metrics.

    "This will open us up to a great number of categories that aren't presently using our medium because we'll be very credible in terms of what we're presenting," Mr. McGrath said. "I think it will also allow existing clients to be able to tailor programs that are much more efficient and allow them a greater use of our medium."

    Visa- For Creative Airport Advertising

    Produced by the TBWA\Tequila, Auckland, New Zealand, this placement used both traditional and ambient media to feature Visa’s sponsorship of the Pompeii exhibit at their National Museum.

    Passengers at the Wellington Airport were greeted with a lava flow that ran around the baggage carousel. The message was placed in the lighbox in the middle of the baggage carousel.

    I like.


    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Billboards in The Internet Age = YES!

    Referred by Jim Ritterhouse of AZ Billboard, I was amused, aghast and highly validated (in my support for outdoor advertising) by the impact this ONE billboard in rural Minnesota. It features the “former President George W. Bush with the words: "Miss Me Yet?" – Article by The Christian Science Monitor here, by Laurent Belsie / February 9, 2010

    Apparently this ONE billboard “was one of the most-searched items on Google Tuesday, generating news articles and attention that most advertisers could only dream of.” But let’s focus less of the reasons behind such content, but more on the editor’s question of the decade: “In the TV-Internet battle for eyeballs, will billboards emerge as a big winner?”

    Laurent Belsie noted that the effects and PR generated by this single billboard are “a clear indication of how vibrant outdoor advertising can become, even in an Internet age.”

    "[Outdoor advertising] are arguably more relevant than they ever were," says Dave Etherington, worldwide marketing director for Titan,which handles advertising on transit systems around the US. "A key thing about a billboard or a large ad ... it has the power to stop you in your stride that comes from the incongruity of seeing something in a public space where you're not conditioned to expect something."

    Rightly so! TPM Outdoor manage a number of outdoor sites in Singapore and Indonesia. We did a special execution of Mobile Billboard in Singapore. This was part of the marketing mix for “The Best Job In The World” campaign by Queensland Tourism in Singapore Jan 2009. Even though this overall campaign was online and PR events driven, outdoor advertising was relevant in midst of all these new media. Thus “even as digital media grow online, there is still a strong need for balance in some form of offline advertising in the outdoor context…” Read more here

    So is Outdoor Advertising part of your marketing mix today?

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    BMW - The Singapore Airshow 2010

    The Singapore Airshow 2010 is here again. It is a biennale event which will taking place from 2 to 7 February 2010. The first 4 days are exclusively for trade attendees while the final 2 weekend days are open to public.

    BMW is one of the key sponsors for the Singapore Airshow 2010.

    TPM Outdoor is proud to feature BMW - Joy Takes Flight on the Queensway Shopping Centre LED Screen. Many car owners and shoppers will be able to view this advertisement featured at this key junction to the Leng Kee Road cluster of car dealers and showrooms in Singapore.

    Enjoy the Show!

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Scream and Shout in South Africa with VISA

    TPM Outdoor welcomes the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa with our the installation of graphic display out-of-home advertising (OOH advertising) for VISA at VivoCity.

    "Spend and Win; Then Scream and Shout in South Africa!"

    So head on to VivoCity and shop your hearts out. Sounds like the only alternative way to enjoy the World Cup since Singaporeans may miss out watching live games over the cable thanks to the Singtel/ Starhub - FIFA.

    It was reported in the Straits Times on Jan 17, 2010, that FIFA wants nearly 100 million Singapore dollars for the month-long World Cup. SingTel CEO Allen Lew had also been quoted that "FIFA has been asking for an unreasonable amount." But apparently, this “unreasonable” amount was revised only after Singtel won the EPL rights from its rival Starhub with an unbeatable bid amount... More analysis from news junkie, Abhijit at Pressnet.

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Singpost's Vandalised post boxes?

    Taken from Stomp and AsiaOne's report posted on Jan 6, 2010. Please read more for details of the Singpost's Vandalised Post Boxes as a publicity stunt gone wrong here and here. Some extracts of the report include:

    - "It turned out that blatant acts of vandalism of post boxes over the New Year weekend, which had angered several onlookers, were not carried out by criminals."

    - "... the "rampage" had actually been a publicity stunt by Singapore Post, to reach out to youths here in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games to be held from Aug 14 to 26 this year."

    - " and videos of the "vandal" [flooded streaming site YouTube and Singapore Press Holdings' citizen-journalism website, Stomp] - [the vandal] who wore a white long-sleeved shirt, black pants, gloves and a black hat - openly defacing the post boxes. He was seen spray-painting phrases such as "boomz", "inkman", "break out" and "live life" all over the mailboxes. Police were called in to investigate."

    While guerrilla marketing is defined as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget, and the sky's the limit in terms of creativity BUT, I guess there are unspoken markers in terms of taste and cultural sensitivities that a brand must consider when launching any campaign. My takes on the Singpost's recent publicty stunt:

    - To quote Pat Law's twitter post on this campaign: "....At best, u can fault Singpost for trying too hard to be cool but what's the big deal with graffiti anyways?"
    - To me, "What's the big deal with graffiti anyways?" - is graffiti necessarily synonymous with youth? Furthermore, is graffiti can be regarded as a form of street art or the other extreme of thoughtless vandalism (ie. with destruction of common property as intention). Based on the graffiti content on the post boxes with words like "Boomz" and other random lines, is it the intention for the Youth Olympics Games to be associated with criminal acts?

    - Finally, as a vendor and executer of Out-of-Home media and production, outdoor related guerrilla marketing is part of our daily grind. And we should always keep the relevant authorities in view when planning any execution. I am reminded of the Balloon Boy when I saw the picture of all the police gathered at the "places of crime", at the post boxes.

    The Balloon Boy hoax of a 6 year old boy feared adrift in a wayward homemade helium balloon in Colorado Oct 2009. He was later found safe in his home after a massive search Thursday afternoon. His rescue search was estimated to cost
    US$47,000 for the time and efforts of the multiple government agencies including the Airforce, sheriff's office etc.

    The Balloon Boy's parents have been sentenced with jail terms. Mostly the outrage from the Balloon Boy's hoax stems from the "...exploitation of the children of the Heenes, exploitation of the media, exploitation of the emotions of the people -- and it's about money. This was all done for the purpose of making money," Schapanski said in this CNN

    On one hand, we should be pushing the creativity envelope, but where do we stop at while being mindful of the environmental factors, putting out necessary disclaimers and providing prior information to the relevant authorities. It is all a fine balance of brand communications...

    I am conflicted.

    Your thoughts?

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Welcome 2010 and A Thank You to "The Man in the Arena"

    Happy New Year!

    The year is rolling along fast and furious, busy is good rather than the same time last year in 2009, when the phone was hardly ringing at all.

    I'll like to take this opportunity to thank and give a big "pat on the back" to all those involved in Out-of-Home media and production everywhere around the world. All Out-of-Home industry participants deal with so many aspects of the living environment and multiple stakeholders, including the landlords, the conflicting tenants, the various city governments, the public that engage with the display etc etc etc. - thus we really get involved into every nitty gritty to pull off any campagin be it digital or traditional; one day only or more than one year. Perhaps a bigger thank you for the trust our clients have in all us to explore and exploit the full potential of Out-of-Home media. You all are "The Man in the Arena"

    Define by Wikipedia:"Someone who is heavily involved in a situation that requires courage, skill, or tenacity (as opposed to someone sitting on the sidelines and watching), is sometimes referred to as "the man in the arena."

    Exact from "The Man in The Arena" by by Teddy Roosevelt, April 23, 1910

    "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face in marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

    Happy 2010 everyone - all the best and HAVE FUN ;)

    Thank you.
    sasete itadakimasu - "It is a joy to be of service"