Sunday, February 24, 2013

Billboard That Produces Water - Fast Company

Through the ingenuity of the clients, the engineers, the advertising agency and all the behind-the-scenes people, a billboard can impact the world beyond the realm of advertising and branding. A billboard with a heart can generate a story and several recurring positive physical impacts that improve the lives of people who interacts with it.

There are some billboards are powered solely by renewable energy such as the Ricoh Tower in London. Or those that can bring children to school, such as the creative Out of Home which doubled up as a school bus - the TriKademiK in Ghana. I highlighted the TriKademiK's launch and sponsor, mobile telecom operator Zain Ghana here on this blog in 2011. These are advertising with CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility.

One recent billboard which had creative a positive impact was featured by the Fast Company's article on See The Billboard That Produces Water This billboard is in Lima, Peru and produced by the Mayo DraftCFB in conjunction with the University of Engineering and Technology.

The generators in the billboard work to capture the high humidity of Peru's atmosphere, filters it, and turns it into potable drinking water which is stored in tanks at the bottom of the billboard and accessible by the public.

Can your advertising do this?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Relocating Jakarta

By Chris Ong

Talks about relocating Jakarta, the capital of Indonesian, have been on-going for more than 50 years. The recent flood that is happening in Jakarta had just ignited the debate once again. Jakarta is increasingly under strain from intense activities and the effects of climate change, the government are having talks to either relocate the capital or moving the seats of the government.

Typical traffic in Jakarta
Pluit had been hardest hit by the recent flooding in Jakarta in January 2013. The fate of Pluit hangs on the system of dams, embankments, and water pumps. So, what exactly caused the devastating flood in Pluit? Yes, the heavy rainfall can be the "scapegoat" for the series unfortunate events, but it should not be the only reason why this is happening.

The flood waters had difficulties in subsiding as geographically speaking, Pluit is already 2 meters under the sea level. Furthermore, it had been backed by studies that the land in Jakarta was settling on an average of 1.6 meters from 2000-2010. The dams and pumps failed to work as it should when the water gushed in at twice the pumping speed has caused huge devastation and fatalities. Many analysts are taking this as a final wakeup call to the politicians as put forth in the Jakarta Post 2013 Jan 26 “Relocation of capital from Jakarta: No pain, no gain” 

Floods in the heart of Jakarta

They say action speaks louder than words, which is always true, talks and plans about flood controlling have been always floating around since 1960s, but only a few manage to materialize to help control the flooding in Jakarta. The most successful one that was implemented is the building of the East Flood Canal (KBT). This 25 km canal which traverses 11 sub-districts in East Jakarta and 2 in North Jakarta helped to reduce the flooding area by a huge 90%. Sadly, at the same time, there were talks about building more Dams and merging rivers upstream that were vaporized without a trace. So what could be done if the flooding cannot be stopped? Discussion about relocating the whole capital eventually emerged. Today, flooding is not the only problem that Jakarta faces, the rising population is another vital issue that needs to be tackled and dealt with care.

There are a few proposed sites that are in consideration, the earliest one would be Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. Largely due to the fact that is safer from the danger of earthquakes and Volcanoes. To support this idea, many iconic buildings were built to reflect the idea of Great Indonesia.

Located closer to the centre of the country, Banjarmasin would be another choice in the list. This area was considered due to the fact that it has better access to the Java Sea and also has a better infrastructure.

Among all the potential areas for relocation, Jonggol, West Java, was dubbed as the most realistic option to move the capital city, Jonggol has become a planned future capital of Indonesia since the era of Soeharto presidency.

Anything that could ease the congestion in Jakarta would be a blessing, but this could only means the huge amount of investments that is needed to fund this major overhaul. The choice of location can also lead to questions over government policy, and spur regional jealousies in a country composed of many different ethnic groups and religions. Eventually, these moves are typically driven by political rather than economic considerations.

No matter the decision- what and WHEN, the team here at TPM, would like to send our blessing to the people who are affected by the recent floods in Jakarta.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!

By Jonas Bai, Erin Noorman and Chris Ong
Chirpy New Year Songs? Checked. 
Red Packets? Checked. 

As we usher the year of the hissing Snake, TPM Outdoor has something special to kick start this wonderful Lunar New Year!

TPM Outdoor is always on the hunt for the perfect location for our billboards to ensure we turn heads and attract the right targeted audience. This year, our goal remains the same, but to rev things up, we are packing this burning passion into our gifts!

Choosing the Perfect Mix!
This year, we have decided to bring across our own idea of outdoor to you. To better deliver our message, we made use of this wonderful advertising space that we own. We are proud to present you, TPM’s very first unique gift bag for this special season!

We made sure that for this year, the gifts you receive from us will be the one that we customized just for you! Therefore, we have handpicked all the individual items in our gift bags and collaborated with Chocoelf to provide us with some very unique chocolates!

Customised chocolates - taste as good as they look!

Also, among all the potential candidates for the lunar new year pastries, Happy Grass emerged as the winner this year to provide us with their tasty homemade pastries.

Postcard from the most happening location in Singapore to welcome the Lunar New Year!
This year, TPM Outdoor will be sending out newsletters in the form of postcards from every corner where TPM Outdoor is marketing Out of Home advertising - our postcards could be from the cosmopolitan city of Jakarta, Indonesia; or the emergent heart of Myanmar, Yangon; or from Singapore's own backyard in the bustle of the Singapore's busy streets and heartland areas etc. More importantly, these postcards will give you a snapshot of the general OOH advertising scenes in the area and key market insights. All these are aimed at providing our clients and partners with more information to help the decision making process to create the perfect media mix for outdoor advertising. 

And as the year of Snake hisses closer, we cannot wait for the God of Fortune to be knocking on your doors! Thus to celebrate this festive season, TPM Outdoor will be holding our very own Hong Bao Draw. The lucky “gold” ingots which come with our gift packs are tagged with our very own special $D oops, 4D number; this will be your key in unlocking our attractive prizes, so keep a look out at your email inbox after 25th February to see if you could be our lucky winner!

The winner could be you!
Does this not excite you?
We hope you will like our gift bags as much as we enjoy putting them together. So from us at TPM Outdoor, here’s wishing you a wonderful and prosperous Lunar New Year!