Thursday, April 28, 2016

SPOTTED!! UOB in Batam Ferries

Similar to the ones seen above, TPM Outdoor had the pleasure of servicing for Singtel in the same format. 

Read previous article here.

However, the greater crowd is still at the Batam Ferry Terminals themselves. This is to catch the larger audience as the terminals are near their shopping malls which are often packed with  people.

Singtel @ Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Myanmar Airlines; Branding in Singapore

So last week I had shared a blog on Myanmar Airlines in Vietnam and promised more of their advertising sites with us here in Singapore.

Just look at how impressive they are in the pictures below.

Myanmar Airlines @ People's Park Complex D

Myanmar Airlines @ People's Park Complex E
And the grandest of all, People's Park Complex B.

Myanmar Airlines @ People's Park Complex B (TPM Outdoor)
Here's a little shot from far. This is one of our largest sites in Singapore.

Myanmar airlines @ People's Park Complex B
It is so huge that it can catch your attention even from more than 20 metres away!

Myanmar Airlines @ People's Park Centre B
Isn't that impressive? 

It seems like Myanmar Airlines is getting pretty aggressive in their branding campaign.
What's your game plan?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Myanmar Travels & Festivities

Why Myanmar?

The weather is just getting hotter each day. Even the rain only lasts for a short while and it gets humid again in a matter of minutes! Do you feel like standing in the cold shower forever? Well that's going to increase your water bill. Don't worry, there is a better way out plus, a short getaway involved.

For a few days, typically between 12th till 16th of April , it is the water festival in a few countries; Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. They have different names in different countries; Pi Mai Lao in Laos, Songkran in Thailand and Thingyan in Myanmar.
This festival is celebrated towards the end of the hot, dry season and welcoming the Myanmar New Year. Everyone is spraying at each other using water hoses, water guns, or even just throwing pails of water. This activity symbolises the 'washing off' of the bad luck and sins in the past year for a fresh new start. 

So who wouldn't want to cool down with a short getaway? In coincidence with the festival, Myanmar Airlines is now aggressively showing their presence via OOH media. We have just put up a magnificent billboard in Vietnam (below).

Myanmar Airlines @ Vietnam Central Business District
Still more to come, Myanmar Airlines in Singapore... Stay tuned in!

Collaboration Between TPM And Traveloka To Expand

One of the best ways to book your flight tickets!

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Departure, Boarding Gate Area

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Departure, Boarding Gate Area
Traveloka is the biggest online portal for plane and hotel bookings in Indonesia. We are proud to be part of their immense plan of having presence in various country. Starting with Indonesia, Jakarta!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Evolution of Lights and Human Interaction

The Light Exhibition at ArtScience Museum; FutureLab

Crystal Universe
With the aid of modern technology, lights and human interaction is getting pretty interesting these days. If you have yet seen it, you should head down to the artscience museum to experience it yourself.

Walk through an enchanting room full of blossoming flowers and also the decaying ones. This depicts the life cycle of nature which is endlessly growing and dying, time after time.

In the next room, you can find yourself immersed in the tranquility of the visuals and music. You can even lie in for a relaxing mind-clearing session. 

How would you like to see your creation come to life? This activity allows you to sketch your idea of what is in town and make it go 'live' on the big screens. Kids are left in awe watching their colourful cars and buildings animated in an instance.


If you do not like the city scene, here's an alternative; Sketch Aquarium.

This magical table reacts to the movement you make with your touch and also the items placed on it. Little sparks would appear at the tip of your fingers, rain would start pouring from a click of the clouds and the little animated people would jump over obstacles that you set in front of them.

Little People
Yet another fun interactive activity where you can create your own hopscotch design with shapes of different colours. Once done, people can actually play on your hopscotch design. So get your creative juices flowing and make it as fun as you want it to!
Light Ball Orchestra

These bouncy balls (above) change their colours based on interactions and movements. Similarly, so do the media block chairs below.
Media Block Chairs

One of the prettiest and therapeutic visuals you'll see is the Universe of Water Particles.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other interesting rooms that I haven't covered. Don't miss this exciting experience for yourself.

This creative execution definitely opens up the mind to explore more options which can be used for innovative advertising ideas. Your creativity is limitless.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

...And We're Back!

To Our New-Old Office..

Just merely four weeks ago, we mentioned that we're moving out of the old office to a temporary office. Now we're back in business in a new refreshed and revamped environment.

Here's a sneak peek of how it looks like now..

Director's Office
Main Office Space - Sales Dept
Open Space - Support Dept

Hold your horses for we're not done yet! we're still in the midst of  the finishing / decorating process.
Stay tune to see the final outcome! ;) 

Meanwhile, here's my own space which I am happily catifying!