Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Out-of-Home – OOH media advertising (Outdoor advertising) refers to any form of media or advertising which targets and impacts consumers out of the home. There are many different types of OOH media, from the large format bulletins and posters (billboards) we encounter on highways and streets, to the displays and street furniture we see near stores, on transit vehicles, rail or subway (MRT) platforms, on bus shelters, in airports, in shopping malls, at movie theatres (cinema) etc.

Why Outdoor?
OOH media advertising (Outdoor advertising) has grown at twice the rate of in-home media over the past decade as more people are spending time outside. Our increasingly mobile society has enabled out-of-home media to become a more efficient and effective advertising method.

The cost of traditional media advertising is skyrocketing and there is a glut of ads fighting for consumers' attention. Businesses are now aggressively seeking out new advertising vehicles. Today, cars, bicycles, taxis and buses have become moving commercials on the streets, while more people are now watching TV inside malls, pubs and buses. Ambient ads appear on store floors, at petrol kiosks, in washrooms stalls, on elevator walls, park benches, telephones, fruit and even pressed into the sand on beaches.

Outdoor Trends?
Posters are now the focus of top creative talent. Outstanding and effective creative executions have enhanced buses, taxis and trains throughout the region.

Exciting digital outdoor is arising from advances in technologies. Digital outdoor provides new opportunities for interaction and engagement in outdoor advertising. The effectiveness of mobile telephones as vehicles for interactive marketing is one example of digital outdoor/ OOH media advertising.

Outdoor for You?
OOH media advertising (Outdoor advertising) gives your brand a broader, yet targeted reach. While OOH media advertising (Outdoor advertising) had begun as roadside billboards, it has now to include transit, cinema advertising, mall and airport displays. There are an increasing number of alternative choices that bring outdoor advertising to a more personal level.

Today outdoor advertising is an important element in every advertiser’s media mix. Outdoor advertising offers outstanding value for the dollar and provides great ways to increase your awareness in the marketplace. Whether it is combined with other media to extend your message reach or used on its own, out-of-home media will help saturate, and ultimately dominate the marketplace. Its presence insures your brand will be top of mind when consumers are ready to buy.

Outdoor advertising is used by almost every type of business. Entertainment & Amusements, Media, Retail, Travel and Consumer Goods are among the top categories.

*Sources: OAAA "Planning for Out-of-Home Media"; Singapore Outdoor Advertising Awards; Asia Outdoor Advertising [AOA] 2007

So, what do you think is outdoor advertising then?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Billboard ban in São Paulo. The End of Outdoor Advertising?

IHT: "Imagine a modern metropolis with no outdoor advertising: no billboards, no flashing neon signs, no electronic panels with messages crawling along the bottom..."The authorities of one of the world's largest metropolis is putting their foot down what they call a visual pollution. An estimated 13,000 outdoor advertising displays around Sao Paulo, Brazil has been removed since Jan 2007 and violators may face an extreme fine of up to US$4,500.

But outdoor advertisements as visual pollution?! Com'on, do you think that the above pictures is actually a much nicer view of city surroundings?Of course, there has been much unrest from local advertising and business groups - citing the inhibition of free expression, job losses and reduction of product information to consumers. They even argue that the loss of lighting from outdoor advertising will result in more dangerous streets at night. Heh, But frankly, the latter statement is not a frivolous reason especially since considering the strength of the outdoor lighting we are installing eg = 7 x 400W metal halides or 2 x 1000W metal halides, these powerful flood lights sure brighten up more than just the billboard!

No overseas postings for me to Sao Paulo in the near future I see...

Outdoor advertising is visual enhancement of the cityscape. "I think this city is going to become a sadder, duller place," said Dalton Silvano, one of the City Council member of Sao Paulo who voted against the Ban. "Advertising is both an art form and, when you're in your car or alone on foot, a form of entertainment that helps relieve solitude and boredom."

Singapore has one of the tightest regulated outdoor advertising authorities (BCA, Advertising Licensing Section and URA) in the world. But I think they are still more market oriented than this latest industry outrage in Sao Paulo. But I hope for more liberalization actions soon as we need to take heed as in the good words of Marcel Solimeo, chief economist of the Commercial Association of São Paulo - the effect of the Ban on the metropolis is "like New York without Times Square or Tokyo without the Ginza."

Ginza, Tokyo (Day)

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Dusk)

Times Square, New York (Dusk)

Maybe we can invite the City Council of Sao Paulo for a visit to see how outdoor advertising is regulated in Singapore. I am sure there is better form of balance happening in our little city state here.

More Pictures at Flickr Set (TonydeMarco)

Monday, April 23, 2007

JetStar Asia and POSB Everyday Card

It was certainly a yummy weekend for everyone at Orchard Road last weekend. Here I am eating again! This time, the courtesy was from a joint promotion from JetStar Asia and the POSB Everyday card.
All I had to do was to flash my POSB Everyday Card, and FREE ICE-CREAM. Yes, the banks are giving away free Ben&Jerry's every weekend during road shows anyway, but at least I do not have to entertain sales talk to get cooled down. This is also very good at targeting the tourists as well.
There were at least 10 of these ice-cream vendors all over Orchard Road last weekend. Complete with their brand new umbrellas featuring the promotion of 10% off all airfares when using POSB Everyday Card to book for tickets from
JetStar Asia. These grouchy vendors were also deck out in crisp white shirts and the baseball caps too. Looking quite smart, unlike the usual days..

Yummy. When's the next food give away again??

Date spotted: 18-20 Apr 07, 21-22 Apr 07
Location: Outside Caltex House, Orchard Road

Twisties- Life Size and Edible!

You know the cartoon shot of a hungry dog dreaming of a life-size chicken drumstick? Well, Singapore had life-size Twisties snackes wandering around Orchard Road waiting for the crowd to take a bite off them! There were at least 3 flavours too. ;) Yum.
These life-size snacks were distributing samples of Twisties snackes to the crowd for tasting. Very easily spotted especially due to the distinctive yellow. Well-thought out as the life-size snacks had proportionate shoes too.

Date spotted: 29 Apr 07 (Sun)
Location: Orchard Road, Singapore