Saturday, July 28, 2007

Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia, KL

Another whirlwind trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week.

Comparative to the outdoor advertising scene in Jarkata, Indonesia which I was introduced to recently, the scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is slightly more mature in terms of size of display and its orderliness. The structure were also more "professional looking" ie. sturdier and have better finishing.

Despite so, preliminary research on the Internet yielded that the outdoor advertising market size in Malaysia is only 2% of overall adspend in 2006. This is only RM~76.4mil, compared to the over RM2bil for adspend in newspapers! Considering the quality of newspapers advertising and outdoor advertising in Malaysia, I am surprised by such statistics. But perhaps I am only narrowly looking at this from a Kuala Lumpur perspective. However, it is heartening to see that ACNielsen also indicated that outdoor advertising is the fastest growing adspend segment with a yoy growth of ~37% compared to the shrinkage of the newspapers' segment of -1.1%in 2005.

One growth avenue in outdoor advertising is in ambient advertising. It is evident seeing the aggressive and creative branding of LRT (Light Rail Transit) stations around the city belts like the Imbiah station. Other forms of transits such as the ERL (Express Rail Link) which serves between KLIA and the city are also jumping onto this new revenue source.

Not enough pictures, I know, but then again, I don't foresee that it will be my last trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia in the next month or so. We are about to commence on a mega project within the month of August - More to be revealed in latter postings...!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Scrolling Outdoor Advertising Display

Is it defective or is it really that "big"?

A clever means of using a scrolling outdoor advertising display for Wonderbra (Filmed in Brussels, Belgium) by causing it to be seemingly defective. In fact, the display would attract even more attention because passers-by would notice that it is working abnormally. A bit on the risque side, but it is a Wonderbra advertisement afterall! *grin

In fact TPM Outdoor Productions is also able to re-create the use of such techniques for creative executions. Another technical "glitch" we can create is to allow only half of a trivision (3-message display) to spin rather than the whole display. In this way, an advertisement for the effects of aging or skin whitening can be shown on a face or body with a "before and after" portrayal.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Future of Billboards at The Downtown At Marina Bay

Singapore is going through an exciting time!

In the next couple of years, the heart of the city will be transferred to The Downtown at Marina Bay. This new city around the bay is built with deliberate planning with a slew of large scale projects for all types of land use. Already, the seeds for the new Central Business District (CBD) are planted with the completion Grade A office buildings such as One Marina Boulevard in 2004 and One Raffles Quay in recent 2007. The much hyped about Integrated Resort (IR) is scheduled for completion in 2008, adding to the strong tourism and recreational theme for the new city centre. This is also boosted by the already thriving new Marina Bay Golf Course and the grandiose Gardens by The Bay project as part of the Water Bodies Masterplan.

The upcoming completion of the Marina Barrage in 2007 would form part of the new Marina Reservoir together with the other three water bodies, Singapore River, Marina Channel and Kallang Basin. This enlarged water body and stabilised water level will be suitable for an even wider range of activities including current major events such as international water sports events, outdoor concerts and fireworks displays.

While our local developmental agencies such as EDB, URA and NParks are aggressively driving this new vibrant waterfront city with all these Masterplans here and there, I must also contribute too! ;)

Where the city life moves towards, outdoor advertising will as well. It is inevitable, just like the Law of Attraction. Thus it is very heartening to hear that new areas to be considered for outdoor advertising will include The Downtown at Marina Bay! But frankly, I am not as keen on outdoor advertising on building facades as compared to the following forms:
Floating billboards/ Inflatable water balloons

Billboards on Barges

Sponsored sails of wind-surfers or catamarans

I will drive (more like lounge on) one of these babies anytime around the Marina Reservoir myself! Oh but please don’t make me apply through additional governmental bodies to include NParks, PUB and NEA on top of the BCA and URA!

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Interesting Fountain Displays

Unique sites garner unique and creative executions such as the recent one we have completed at Marina Square, Singapore. This is a cascading fountain from the second floor to the ground floor and the display area would be seen from the ground floor. The water flow is also quite powerful, stimulating a strong rain fall or a good shower, so with such good conditions, the ideas came...

We completed one for Organics Shampoo several years ago before they re-branded into Sunsilk. Frequent wash, so the creative display had a constant "wash" effect on the display:
Recently, another one for Nippon Paint- "weather proofing your home" with a torrential rainfall over the entire house. Heh. Very creative and gives you a smile right? I am very admirable for the creative team who have came up with either ideas and TPM Outdoor Productions is happy to be part of the installation team to complete the idea:
BTW, the final MYOB installations took place at Jln Besar's trivision and People's Park Centre trivision. More installations coming up next, stay tuned!

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