Friday, January 29, 2016



Repetition is the key to Recognition

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our 40 site locations in Singapore; 
Lavender Junction (A). 

Situated at a busy traffic junction of Lavender Street – Bendemeer Road and Boon Keng. Highly visible to traffic heading towards the CTE + PIE, the Downtown area and the various malls including new ones like Aperia, CT Hub and City Square.

Here are other sites included in the package;



With this new site launch, we are pleased to refresh our media bundle package for Singapore. Available for limited time only -so express your interest now. Email us at for more details.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did you know that the SG50 Logo Transformed?

On January 2016, the start of the new year of 2016 - Today Online reported on SG50 Logo Transforms
New year, new logo: With the commemoration of SG50 now over, a new SG logo was unveiled as Singapore ushered in 2016.
The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s (MCCY) SG50 Twitter account posted the new logo online - a variation of the original with the numerals ‘50’ taken out.
“Let us welcome our new “SG” logo - it represents our kindling Singaporean spirit that lives in the things we do," said the Twitter account.
2015 was an eventful year for Singapore and many companies and people took on well to the SG50 logo and it was proudly displayed. Companies even invested in many advertising collateral such as commemorative items, locally shot TV advertisements and Out-of-Home banners. TPM Outdoor worked on the Tallest Banner in Singapore for Singtel as well as on 4 of Singtel's other buildings.

Looking forward to SG this year

Monday, January 18, 2016

Growth of Tourism in Batam

Batam is one of the 3, 000 islands, which make up the Riau Archipelago and is closest to Singapore – just 20 km away or fifty minutes by sea. It has a rapid - rising population of around 1,000,000. As the island develops into a significant industrial and vacationer area, it attracts an ever increasing population from different Indonesian islands who see Batam as a haven of opportunity. According to the Wonderful Indonesia's website -
"The island of Batam today is the third busiest entry port to Indonesia next to Bali and Jakarta. Situated so near to Singapore, it is a favorite resort for residents and international toursts in Singapore who wish to get closer to nature, relax for a short vacation of golf or sailing, enjoy mouth watering fresh seafood, luxuriate in a traditional royal spa, go shopping or just for family fun."
There has been a number of new luxury resorts such as the Montigo resorts and even Fairmont group of hotels that are building hotels in Batam, Bintan and other Riau islands.

In fact, it was reported in The Jakarta Post's article on Airports to Boost Tourism in Riau Islands - In September 2015, "Riau Islands had seen 1.5 million foreign tourists, a drop from 1.9 in the same month last year, due to the recent haze crisis. The central government target expects the province to bring a figure of 2.5 million this year and 4 million by 2019, in order to help the country’s overall annual visitor target of 20 million tourists.
Most, or 51.8 percent, of total foreign tourist arrivals to Riau Islands come from Singapore while 13.4 arrive from Malaysia. At present, the main purposes for visiting include shopping, sightseeing, health and beauty, visiting friends and eating." 

In terms of domestic tourism, more Indonesians are taking advantage of Batam's close proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the growing facilities and housing to visit or have a second home in Batam.

According to The Jakarta Post in this article here,
"Batam is set to "become ‘tourism portal’ by 2015 Batam in the Riau Islands is set a target to become a “tourism portal” for western Indonesia in 2015, the local administration says. Batam has the potential to become a hub for tourism promotion for western Indonesian regions, Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said Monday in Batam. 

As such, more and more businesses are expanding into Batam to reach out to more people. TPM Outdoor has partnered with brands such as Resorts World Sentosa, SingTel and tourism health companies such as the Regency Specialist Hospital in Malaysia to reach Indonesians traveling out to Batam internationally.

From 2016 onward, Batam will develop to more than a gateway between Indonesia and Singapore, but perhaps a destination to rival great tourism islands such as Bali and Kodomo for Western Indonesia in future!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Billboard that GROWS!

Who says we have to print all our billboards? We can paint it with GERMS! High impact... ...yucks!

 Lifebuoy does many amazing ads around the world encouraging good hygiene practices but nothing as visual and as powerful as seeing the germs on billboards! Features in a London storefront, this Live Germ billboard demonstrates the power of Lifebuoy's Clinishield 10 product.

Just look at the audience's faces! Everyone including the young and old will benefit from this public message AND will remember the lasting power of Lifebuoy's product.

 In 2011, for the launch of its new film Contagion, Warner Bro's did perhaps the world's first for the live germ billboard in Toronto Canada and the effect was recorded in YouTube here. Quoting the YouTube description -

Building on its reputation for always being ahead of the curve, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique outdoor installation merging science and advertising that is guaranteed to leave movie lovers, science buffs and art enthusiasts in 'awe' or 'eww'.
In support of Academy Award ® winner Steven Soderbergh's latest film "Contagion" -- in theatres September 9th, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada teamed up with microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind bacteria message board located at 409 Queen Street West in an abandoned store-front window.
On August 28th, two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria and almost overnight have revealed the true Contagion -- an artistic interpretation of the spread of a virus as depicted in the film.
The public was invited to witness first-hand the remarkable growing power of natural bacteria on Wednesday August 31st from 11:00 AM -- 2:00 PM. The first 50 people who arrived received passes to see "Contagion" in theatres and other themed prizes.
Billboards can come alive in many ways via engagement activities on site, or through the digital means. On our blog, we wrote in 2012 on a HAIRY billboard by Bronx Shoes in Cape Town. To quote the original article's author - Things get hairy on South African billboard.

[The Bronx Shoes campaign is essentially an] interactive beard-board featuring remote-controlled strands of hair that grow with each Facebook 'Like'. We can now officially do anything just by sitting in front of a computer -- including making some giant dude's beard grow on a billboard halfway around the world.”

"We can now officially do anything just by sitting in front of a computer".

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indonesia - Beyond Jakarta

Advertising in Indonesia - When thinking about advertising in Indonesia, Jakarta is often considered as the first and priority key market of the country. With the growing domestic demand, advertisers are also focused on the locals in the last few years. The IE Singapore published a report on the Indonesia Consumer Insights and here are some of the overview of information

TPM worked with several clients for other second tier cities for Indonesia inc. key cities such as Bali, Medan, Surabaya, Batam, Bintan. Smaller cities that ignited interest included Balikpapan and Semarang for billboard and outdoor advertising in the city as well we airports.

China UnionPay in Bali, Indonesia We are honoured to work with our client, China UnionPay to reach the tourists using China Union Pay cards in Bali Airport. The airport advertising was on a huge wall signage and trolleys located in the Bali International Arrival reminding the target audience to swipe more in the island of wonders! Here show some photos of completed installations.

 Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. It reaches out to a youth and family crowd. Many travellers from oversea come to Bali for a holiday, honeymoon, family or couple trip. Advertising at these prime locations bring high impact and high outreach for the brand.

 Borsch in Surabaya, Indonesia We are honoured to work with our client, Borsch to reach the business decision makers that frequent this city as they fly between Jakarta and Surabaya or Surabaya to the rest of the world via Jakarta or Singapore! Surabaya has one of the busiest ports in the Indonesia. There are many offices and business centres in Surabya and thanks to the availability of land and labour there are many manufacturing factories located here too. Thus enriched by its facilities, and geography advantages, Surabaya has great economic potential.

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Hello 2016


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THEN IT IS 2016!

TPM Outdoor Group thanks you and our clients for adding sparkle to our year. 
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