Did you know that the SG50 Logo Transformed?

On January 2016, the start of the new year of 2016 - Today Online reported on SG50 Logo Transforms
New year, new logo: With the commemoration of SG50 now over, a new SG logo was unveiled as Singapore ushered in 2016.
The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s (MCCY) SG50 Twitter account posted the new logo online - a variation of the original with the numerals ‘50’ taken out.
“Let us welcome our new “SG” logo - it represents our kindling Singaporean spirit that lives in the things we do," said the Twitter account.
2015 was an eventful year for Singapore and many companies and people took on well to the SG50 logo and it was proudly displayed. Companies even invested in many advertising collateral such as commemorative items, locally shot TV advertisements and Out-of-Home banners. TPM Outdoor worked on the Tallest Banner in Singapore for Singtel as well as on 4 of Singtel's other buildings.

Looking forward to SG this year