Friday, July 8, 2016


Often, people are ignorant to the fact that most information received out of their homes is a form of outdoor advertising. They come in so many shapes and sizes that people don't even recognize they are actually part of OOH. Even the back of the cubicle doors are seen as an opportunity to advertise. 

These are some of our media that are not billboards or hoardings.

Digital Screens at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia
Taxi Media in Yangon, Myanmar
Outdoor advertising has also advanced in time with the technology. In these modern days, digital screens and interactive mobile billboards can be spotted in many places. 

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Vietnam Airlines: Reaching Further in Asia with TPM Outdoor

Vietnam Airlines (VN) is a national flag carrier that was established in 1993. The national carrier has been on a growth and expansion mode since the early 2010’s. Their target is to become the second largest airline in Southeast Asia by 2020, operating 84 routes to 45 international destinations.

As the airline plans for the growth stemming from the government’s more liberal travel policies, and common interests between Vietnam and Asia/Europe for ongoing trade or as a holiday destination, they have become the first Southeast Asian carrier to join the SkyTeam alliance in June 2010, and the world’s second airline to fly the A350XWB aircraft — it is the, and the first Asian carrier to fly Airbus’ latest NextGen aircraft.

TPM Outdoor is exhilarated to be part of Vietnam Airlines’ exciting growth plans, the latter has recently partnered with us on their outdoor marketing campaign in these fast growing markets in Asia:
  • Myanmar
  • Indonesia
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Laos

This outdoor campaign is an extension of their global campaign – titled “Reach Further” - to ‘globalise’ Vientam’s national flag-carrier. They have chosen outdoor advertising as an effective medium to increase brand consideration, reaching out to their core target audience, namely business travelers and tourists where they are in the mode of travelling / transit. The campaign has a simple but impactful message “World Class Dining”, translated in 6 local languages.

The brief covered these 6 countries using different types of outdoor media at strategic locations – billboards, in-train videos, lightboxes at train stations and airports. The project, championed by Thi Do, TPM Outdoor’s Regional Sales Head, took an approximately 2 months to complete, no mean feat given the immense amount of coordination among the representative parties across 6 countries.

We look forward to seeing the brand consideration for Vietnam Airlines to “reach further” and soaring in these markets!

*Myanmar recently announced that starting December 2016, Singapore and Myanmar residents will not need visas to enter each other’s country for visits of up to 30 days. This may point to similar visa exemptions between Myanmar and more countries, leading to an increase in business and leisure travels.

Vietnam Airlines in Myanmar, Yangon City, Sule Pagoda

Vietnam Airlines in Korea, Seoul, Incheon International Airport
Vietnam Airlines in Korea, Seoul, Incheon Subway Airport Road Express

Vietnam Airlines in Japan, Tokyo, Narita Airport Express Line

Vietnam Airlines in Taiwan, Taipei, City Hall MRT
Vietnam Airlines in Laos, Wattay International Airport

Vietnam Airlines in Indonesia, Jakarta, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cannes Lion 2016

Have you been following on Cannes Lion 2016? The winners for each of the category will be announced online today, 22 June 2016. Here's the full shortlists.

Shortlisted names for Category B08 (Cars & Automotive Products and Services)

We are delighted to see Volvo as one of the shortlisted names as they have been advertising with us since 2012.

Uncertain of the actual "Volvo Airway Runner' ad that was submitted but we stumbled upon this link and it is personally one of our favourites. What's yours?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What's New in Geylang Bazaar 2016

Every year, the roads along Singapore’s District 14 (Eunos, Paya Lebar, and Sims) are lit up with colourful festive lights during the month of Ramadan. This is the time of the year when Geylang Serai is at its ultimate peak hour. 

Haig Road
At every turn, you will definitely see people walking, eating, chilling or shopping. The roads will be jam packed with vehicles – from a merely two wheeler motorcycle which couples often travel with, to big lorries that can carry members of family or large groups of friends.

What makes this year’s bazaar any different from last year’s, you ask? Here’s why.

1. Variety of Colourful Desserts
Watermelon 'Volcano' Dessert

Churros from Zulos Churros
Froz Rollies also known as Ice Cream Rollies

Rainbow Bagels, Sodas, Ice Lollies
Churros & Sodas from Black Alley
Coconut Drinks / Desserts

Rainbow Coloured Gelato from Momolato
Waffles, Ice Creams and more (From Dubai)

2. Food from Around the World 
Spicy Korean Yogurt
Dubai Street Food
Japanese Okonomiyaki
Japanese Squid on Stick
French Crepes and more

3. Thirst Quenchers from Around the World
Thai Iced Tea
Vietnam Iced Coffee (my personal favourite)
4. An Upgrade from the Typical Bazaar Food
Dendeng Burger, Dendeng Taco
Encik Benjo Burger
Ramly Ranor
Dendeng Pizza
Twists of  normal delicacies such as Chicken 'Snail' Sausage & Jumbo Chicken Satay

5. The Usuals (that has to remain)
Indian Delicacies; Vadai,Tandoori Chicken, Idli & many more 
Vadai & Dendeng
The Original Ramly Burger
Here's a short clip on how they're made:

Amidst of all these hustle and bustle, there are 3 distinct items that also caught people's attention; our large unmissable billboards.

Featuring our current clients; ERA property agent, Pertapis and NETS.
Here's a glimpse of the human traffic at this period;

They are also unavoidable at night.

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