Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Fashion Festival 2015

TPM Outdoor is pleased and honoured to be one of the GOLD SPONSOR for the The Fashion Festival  Bali 2015 and its inaugural celebration will be held in Bali this year.

The founder of the The Fashion Festival is responding to the growing sophistication of South East Asia's role in the world of fashion. This festival aims to provide a first-hand a week of super-style and entertainment with world-class runway shows by established and emerging designers from around the world. 

Using of our TPM Outdoor's media location in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport - The Fashion Festival was featured at the departure check in counters of the Sky Team in the international terminal 2E. This is also next to the Garuda domestic terminal which many mid to high end audience use as a key airline in Indonesia. Garuda also provides good services for international passengers transiting to Bali from Jakarta. Thus it is always great to reach out to the SKY TEAM and Garuda airlines when advertising in the Jakarta airport.

The media location used by The Fashion Festival advertised the event to both premium local Indonesians and international business travelers and tourists!

With the first event since 29 July 2015, with the Jakarta Media Launch at The Immigrant Dining Room, Plaza Indonesia, the culmination of excitement will commence this Saturday, 15 August with various off sites events and activities in Bali.

 The Official Fashion Festival itself will be on 20-22 August in Trans Hotel, Seminyak. The Opening event will be on Thursday, 20 August evening from 7 to 10 pm

Official website - here
Official facebook page - here

An exciting long weekend and week ahead in Bali to be celebrated in style !

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Advertising at the Medan Kuala Namu International Airport - Telkomsel Advertising

The Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan was completed in 2013 and it was very well received as the former Polonia Airport was deemed too over crowded. Furthermore, the Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan had been well designed with lots of spaciousness, glass and modern facilities. This airport is considered Indonesia's second largest, after Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, with a 224,298 m² passengers terminal and will eventually have a capacity of 50 million passengers (2030).

While it seems a bit empty now, it is good to be under capacity as the room for growth in Indonesia is tremendous! Frankly, it is rare to have anything facilities which is under-utilized in the fast growing South East Asian country. All brands are fighting for a share of voice in this market!

Telkomsel airport advertising at the Kuala Namu International Airport 
Giant Lightbox Tubes

Telkomsel airport advertising at the Kuala Namu International Airport 
Giant Lightbox Tubes (In front of the departure gates -100% pass through

Telkomsel airport advertising at the Kuala Namu International Airport 
Giant Lightbox Tubes (In front of the departure gates -passerbys from passengers after check-in and before boarding near Duty Free areas. 

Telkomsel support The Perfect Media for their exclusive locations at the Kuala Namu International Airport. The airport advertising were on 4 GIANT light tubes of 3 visuals each ie. 12 visuals! Strategically placed in the departure terminals, these are 100% head-on viewing by all departing passengers - both domestic and international. International passengers are mostly traveling from Medan Kuala Namu International Airport towards Penang, Malaysia and Singapore. 

How many men does it take to install a GIANT lightbox tube advertising in the airport?

Now multiply that by 4

GIANT light tubes are hard to produce, transport and install! 

Measuring more than 1m in diamter and more than 2m in height excluding the stand, these airport advertising lightbox tubes are especially designed to create powerful impact. Each lightbox tubes allow our client Telkomsel 3 powerful visuals with a 360 degree viewing. EVERYONE can see the advertising. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tallest Billboard Banner in Singapore - Singtel - Happy SG 50 Billboards

TPM OUTDOOR celebrates SG50 in style:

We are honoured to work with our client, Singtel, to install 5 Big-Impact Outdoor Billboard Displays.
  • These billboard displays have a total surface display of 1,841 sq m. Equivalent to 20 units 4-room flats(!) 
  • One of the tallest banner displayed in Singapore from the 35th floor (Singtel’s Pickering Operations Complex 819 sq m banner)

TPM Outdoor is truly proud to be a Singaporean based company.

Thank you for letting us support you all these years.

Wishing all our clients and supporters a wonderful future for the next 50 years and beyond.

We hope to continue being a part of your Singapore story.

 Happy 50th National Day and a very Happy Jubilee Weekend!

 Sincerely April, Jessie, Rina, Thi and all of us in the TPM OUTDOOR team

Saturday, August 1, 2015





酒店和旅游部门计划通过内比都 - 曼德勒的新航线,开发“多元发展型”旅游市场及举办更多的体育赛事。




作为一家客户外传媒公司,TPM Outdoor在整个东南亚(SEA)拥有很多醒目焦距的户外广告牌的据点。TPM提供的是向公众传递强有力,引人注目的信息的广告据点。我们有很多与国际大品牌合作的成功案例,其中有很多都战略性的选择了仰光作为推广其品牌的据点。想要使您的品牌通过TPM Outdoor在缅甸得到优质的广告效应,请致电(+65 6273 0556 或电子邮件发送至