Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In House Ad - Outdoor LED Screen at Queensway

At major cross junctions leading into Orchard and Alexandra; heart of the central urbanites.

Where the YOUTH gather for the latest fashion and cool kicks. FAMILIES flock for their lifestyle/ car buying needs, and weekend breaks.

This LED screen is the best feature place for TV Commercials, MTVs, Publicity Videos, Movie Trailers and Events Coverage.

This in-house ad was fantastically done by "H1Studio" in flash format. We love it!

Minority Report Mall Scene/ the TRUE Digital Outdoor....

Previously, I wrote on the development of digital outdoor on this blog " Digital Outdoor Today and Beyond". I also went into how I think that TRUE digital outdoor was exemplified in the streetscape scene in of the "Minority Report" movie (2002). Found the exact scene on YouTube - and in the author, " Fayizaugusto’s" own words –

“This is a scene from the movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise walks in the mall while his eyes are getting scanned by 3D screens. The screens call him directly by his name to get his attention.”

TPM also recently set up a giant outdoor led digital screen. Will be posting more on that later AFTER I figure out this YouTube thingy. Wish me luck. Or wish YouTube luck. I’ll be wreaking this.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Singapore Outdoor Advertising Awards

The Singapore Outdoor Advertising Awards are back for its 7th year and it will be exciting to see the finalists and award winners this year. What I am happier to say is that on its current homepage - as screen captured; there are 2 works which are related to the TPM team! Guess which? ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ford Fusion Creative Spin on Airport Advertising

Location: At the Budapest Airport’s baggage claim.
Advertiser: Ford Fusion
Date: 28 Sept 2008 (approx)

Work of social - Minjae Ormes and in her own words: "At the Budapest Airport’s baggage claim, one’s luggage comes out of the trunk of a Ford Fusion. How clever!" I concur wholly and couldn't have said it better.

Minjae Ormes is an independent digital consultant, a very brilliant photographer with a great sense of humor and fun. Thanks again Minjae, for letting me share this picture of a wonderful piece of outdoor advertising execution.