Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reverse Graffiti By Caltex

Reverse graffiti spotted in Singapore today at the old Kallang Gasworks. By Caltex - Clean by Techron. It will be cleaned off completely in 8 weeks. Wonderful execution and environmentally friendly too!

It's not the first time a reverse graffiti concept is used to spread an environmental protection message. The World Carfree Day 2007 did a spectacular one in Sao Paulo as well. Nonetheless, I am really impressed by this wonderful out-of-home execution!

Really really good....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Outdoor Advertising Vendors in France REJOICE!

Spotted on: The BBC
French viewers have for the first time watched prime-time television without advert breaks, as President Nicolas Sarkozy's media reforms got under way.

Advertising is now banned on French public television between 8pm to 6am. All advertising will be phased out by 2011.

It is part of Mr Sarkozy's move to shake up public broadcasting which he claims will improve the quality of programming as the channels no longer have to attract large audiences in order to secure advertising revenue.
I think outdoor advertising and digital media space vendors are going to have a really good year absorbing all the “lost” dollars from the television medium.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Insights 1: A Highly Effective Visual Impact

A picture paints a thousand words. Or in this case, more like PAIN(t) a thousand words.

It is really hard to describe pain – is it throbbing, sore, numbing blood curling or I-rather-be-dead-now etc. Given the New Year festivities, how would you describe the current hangover again? ;)

Spotted at: adgoodness

Location: Toronto, Dundas Square, Canada.
“Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol brand posted a large backlit board with an eye catching execution of a man suffering from a bad headache. To emphasize his pain, a large wrecking ball, suspended from a 3D crane above the board, has smashed through, and stuck in the man’s forehead.”

Talk about ouch!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year from TPM!

Happy New Year!

With all the momentous events in the later part of 2008, it is hardly surprising that most of us are bracing for more of the worst to come. But as with all boom-bust cycles, what goes up must come down and this is also the Principle of Waves and Nodes in life.

Despite all this doom and gloom talk, a recession doesn’t mean that the world stops turning and we stop eating – it simply means a smarter way of achieving more for less and perhaps also eating less steak and more rice. It is also a good time for change as we all challenge the old ways and improve for the better.

So, as a series of changes, we at TPM will be exploring more means of helping our clients stretching their ad dollar with outdoor advertising and also work with our strategic partners to provide more value-add. I will also include more content into this blog to share general marketing insights and analysis that I have inevitably gathered in my new role in client servicing.

As usual, I welcome all comments and sharing.

Thank you for your kind support in 2008 and we look forward to helping and sharing further this 2009. Let’s start with the fun again…!