Thursday, August 21, 2008

Singapore Tourism Board Event @ Ang Mo Kio Hub

A "See Yourself in Tourism" event, promoting career opportunities in the tourism sector of Singapore will be held at Ang Mo Kio Hub this Saturday 23 Aug 2008. Working together with the good folks at Festival Square Circle, TPM had put up 2 indoor banner displays inside AMK Hub to drive traffic towards the event.

The venue, AMK Hub, is a large catchment for the school-going and the heartlander families. Young people should take heart that the tourism sector will only grow by leaps and bounds and that since 2007, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been investing S$360 million over three years in manpower development to train and prepare some 74,000 workers for the growth in the tourism sector. Thus such recruitment/ promotional activities must be top-notch to attract the best and most suited, afterall, it's all GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).

TPM In Korea!

I had the great pleasure and honour to know Mr Joonshup Shin, a journalist with POPSIGN which is a very popular and successful Professional Sign Magazine based in Korea. POPSIGN in Korean and English here. Intro to POPSIGN in their own words:
POPSIGN is the first Korean Journal of sign industry. POPSIGN was established in 1993 has steadily grown ever since along with the Korean sign industry. [By] providing graphic information to the industry, [POPSIGN] have tried to develop and invigorate Korean outdoor advertising industry. POPSIGN is also one of co-sponsors for the biggest Sign Show in Korea, the annual KOSIGN exhibitions organized by the COEX...

TPM was introduced in the Aug 2008 POPSIGN publication, I guess that's the closest TPM will get to Korea for a while now - The article is on "online commnunites and blog space: a passage of communication". I will also appreciate any translation help here too!

Much thanks to our readers - the TPM blog receives about 30-40 first time visitors daily. Thank you for your kindest support and please send any interesting OOH for us to share on this blog and with everyone else too.

I also learnt much from Joonshup that OOH Ad online communities and forums are rather popular in Korea too. In fact, TPM's blog was also first introduced at one of these boards - Anyone has more communities/ forum boards similar to these for sharing? Maybe something in English that I can join in too?

Monday, August 18, 2008

LED Used at the Beijing Olmpics Opening Ceremony...

The technology used behind the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony is quite something. So much so that I am holding my breath for the Closing Ceremony ;) There are so much more brilliant pictures from Gizmodo.

I personally liked one part where the performers were wearing full suits of LED lights and changing colours throughout the dance formation... I want one of those caps.

Gizmodo also provides a glimpse into the technology used behind the ceremonies; some highlights incl. [extracted from Gizmodo]
• The LED screen at the center of the ground, which unrolled to represent a huge scroll detailing China's 5,000-year civilization, measured 482 feet by 72 feet wide and contained a whopping 44,000 LED beads with a distance of 600 millimeters between each two.

• The material used for the paper on the painting scroll was produced by the country's aerospace sector. Similarly, most of the core technologies used in the ceremony had been developed by domestic companies.
Even our own TPM team had a bit of sparring wondering if it was really a LED screen ("Wa - are you sure it can be so big? vs "But no shadow!") and now we see what's the finale going to be like this Sunday. *glee

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is ESL (electron-stimulated luminescence)?

While we are still exploring the full potential of LED lighting into the different realms of lighting application esp. in our field for outdoor advertising - out pops a new form of energy efficient lighting technology. Sounds like it will only be better news for us!

Dubbed as the ESL, this form of lighting technology has been patented by Vu1. ESL also stands for electron-stimulated luminescence. From Cleantechnica:
"The technology works by using accelerated electrons to stimulate a phosphor coating on the inside of the glass bulb. In contrast, incandescent bulbs run a current through a filament inside the bulbs, and LEDs stimulate semiconductors to create light."

ESL also claims one up on CFLs and LEDS as "Vu1 claims that their bulbs do not have the trace amounts of mercury that CFLs contain, and they do not require the manufacturing energy of LEDs."
As I am not a technically trained in lighting, does this means that the glass bulb here may also translate into any shaped glass with a phosphor coating? Sounds a little like neon lighting! If so, what's the colour palettes available? - I sense a new revolution for lighting art coming up soon..!

Happy National Day Singapore!

The Singapore's National Day 2008 will be celebrated in style and fun at the Marina Bay floating platform this year. We are turning 43 years old!

One major highlight is the usual fireworks display that always captures the audience's oohs and ahhs. But recently, multimedia technologies including projections and Giant LED screens are also lending their brilliance to the special night. A short research on Wikipedia summarizes the use of multimedia over the years:

2003, PIGI projection technology was used, the same technology used for the 2000 Summer Olympics Opening/Closing Ceremony.

2004, the "Biggest LED Screen" in Singapore, measuring 31m x 7m, consisting of 23 separate panels in width and 7 panels in height was used. This setup is also one of the largest outdoor screens in the world. In this year, for the first time, public could send national day greetings via SMS/MMS that will be shown on this LED screen.

2005, "Panoramic Screen and Still Image Projectors" were used. The Panoramic Screen is made up of 26 individual screens each measuring 10m by 6m. Still Image Projectors were used to project the colourful images onto the screen. Also 2 large LED screen, each measuring 8m by 6m, will be used to screen numerous videos and ‘live’ feeds .

2006, same as 2003 is using PIGI projection technology, at the centre of the stadium, a giant Light Emitting Diode (LED) screen is able to split into six smaller screens to provide a powerful visual impact.

2007, "water curtain" - 30 metres high and 90 metres wide, with visual effects provided by six image projectors.

2008, "LED Mash" - consisting of thousands of tiny LED lights which will form a gigantic video screen.


Just so you know what to expect this year! Counting down 6 days from now…!