Thursday, October 25, 2007

TPM-Rigid@ AOA

Posting "live" from the TPM-Rigid booth at the Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 booth F06.

The quality of the exhibition is surprisingly high given that this is the inaugural effort. The exhibition veterans will know that it is not the volume of visitors that count, but the quality of enquires really. It is worth the trip. So see, you!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

TPM Outdoor Productions will be at the Asia Outdoor Advertising @ Suntec from the 24-26 Oct 2007. That's just 3 days away!

Many outdoor advertising media vendors and technology suppliers from around the entire Asia region will be present. It is a historic event and at a gigantic scale for the first time. We are participating with the Rigid Group which is based in Hong Kong/ China.

Our booth is F06, so please also catch up with us at the exhibition. See you!

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Stay Curious - The Light up Lightbox

Did you spot the second type of lightboxes for the "Stay Curious" campaign yet?

The second type of Stay Curious lightbox was launched a couple of weeks back on 3 Oct. It is a light-up lightbox with a special message for the extra curious people... Just "PRESS HERE"
Location: Habourfront/ Vivo City

Have fun with these lightboxes because the campaign is ending soon... It had been rather fun. ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

You Can Find Jesus Anywhere

Almost too innocuous, but extremely effective. A little green name card sized postcard on the wall at the lift landing where the church is based.

And there it is, between the hundreds of tiles, the Cross is really there. Suddenly, you'll realise that the Cross is indeed anywhere. Simple, brilliant and leads to profound and recurring thoughts of the message "You Can Find Jesus Anywhere"

I am no Christian, but I am certainly impressed and impacted.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Stay Curious - Peephole Lightbox

The first type of Stay Curious lightbox was launched last week on 26 Sept. It is a peephole lightbox with a special message inside for the extra curious people...

The special message:
Locations as posted above: Sim Lim Tower, People's Park Centre

We have another series of lightbox for the Stay Curious campaign launching this week. Look out for it!