Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hong Kong Will Not Arrest 27-Story Nearly Naked Man

The spectacle of the skyscraper-size underwear ad featuring Djimon Hounsou for Calvin Klein in Hong Kong has been well documented (and well-commented - ie. "The billboard will stay up until April 15, at which time the wrecking crews will come and the city will lose its erection.")

Any in my personal view: For a 30-day campaign, it created a fantastical sensation across the world as an astounding and compelling advertisement to the consumers; garnering admiration from the industry and most importantly - boundary pushing for the regulators:

From the: "Towering underwear ad draws complaints in Hong Kong: report"

HONG KONG (AFP) — A skyscraper-sized underwear ad featuring Blood Diamond star Djimon Hounsou has been cleared by Hong Kong regulators of indecency, a report said Friday.

The towering black-and-white photograph of the actor sporting just a pair of Calvin Klein briefs drew three complaints of indecency to the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, a report in the South China Morning Post said...But the watchdog cleared the ad -- the largest of its size in the region -- of the claims, the report said.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tiger Beer's Interactive Games Den

The Orchard Underpass has been transformed into an interactive games den by the Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore's Tiger Beer in its current “Enjoy Winning” campaign. Pedestrians can take part in eight interactive games and enjoy “winning moments” and friendly rivalry.

This execution also highlights that interactive outdoor is not necessarily synonymous with digital outdoor. Essentially, interactive means a two-way street between the brand and its target audience. As much as the brand is trying to communicate its offerings and values, it must also create an avenue for the target audience to empathise with it. Thus even with the recent proliferation of LED/LCD/ Plasmas and blue-cast technology into digital outdoor, the interactive element still has much room for growth.

One key concern about unleashing full interactivity is the lack of moderation – or better known as the “Youtube dilemma”/ “A Slippery Slope of Censorship at YouTube” But I guess this campaign’s moderation lies in the white-board eraser and the next member of the public who wish to leave their (temporary) mark behind…

Via: Marketing
Date: May 2008
Location: Orchard Underpass
Format: Creative/ Ambient

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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Buckets of inspiration...! Hope it made you laugh out loud. ;)

VJ+DIY:AntiVJ - projection on building

The highlights: DIY, VJ-ing to live music and not some monument - just the house next door and no post production.

In the artist's own words: The idea is to project some live visuals on a building, and also play with the existing elements (doors, windows..) and light up elements separately, in rhythm with the music. Not perfectly in time, but this is live ! :)
Made with flash and arkaos.

Architectural: Lisbon Video Projection

Makes the most somber looking building funky when the sun goes home. This form of architectural projection emphasizes the unique forms of the building and plays up the depths and perspective of the traditional architecture. The next video jazzes it up with some live VJ-ing...

Projection in Outdoor Advertising

Been doing loads of research and testing on use of projection for outdoor advertisements - and there is a world of difference between the type of equipment out there for a variety of usage. ie. sadly, there is no catch-all solution for outdoor purposes. Some excel in architectural lighting, some only being able to play slides while others being able to play animated videos.
Testing between a LCD projector and a DLP projector that we are exploring for an outdoor execution. The colour contrast difference and sharpness of image is very evident to the layman. We plan to use this for live broadcast and also for playing fully animated videos.

I will be posting some youtube postings of the various forms of projections being done. One of the artist calls his work "visual mapping"... BUT - if you have no time, at least watch the DRIVE BY PROJECTING - gives you all forms of inspiration!