Monday, July 29, 2013

Growth in Passengers Numbers and Advertising in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Jakarta Airport)

By Carol Chung

In a blink of an eye, we are already passing the half year mark of 2013. 2012 was an exciting and fun year not only for us in Singapore, but also the millions of travelers that are flying in and out of Jakarta.

Our statistics in 2010 shows that Jakarta Airport (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) was ranked in 15th for the world’s busiest airport. As of year 2012, they have climbed and claimed the 9th position, securing a place in the top 10 busiest airports of the world.

Serving 43.7 million passengers in year 2010, this number rise at a rapid speed when we saw the number of passengers grew to an amazing 57.8 million in year 2012. This was a 32.6% growth in just 2 years. Flying 175 flights weekly, Garuda Indonesia has the highest frequency for international flights in the airport. In terms of domestic flights, Lion Airlines are flying a whooping figure of 1,100 flights weekly to cater for the needs of the travelers. 

Jakarta Airport Statistics in Year 2012
Perhaps with the commencement of the Batik Airlines which is the subsidiary of Lion Air, we will see even more flight activities in the near future. Afterall, Lion Air placed a record breaking order for 234 A320 jets with Airbus in early 2013 - this had surpassed the previous record by Boeing ($22.4 Billion).

Plans to expand the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport are ongoing and would be expected to be completed in year 2014, increasing the airport capacity to serve 62 million passengers per annum. In early 2014, SkyTeam will welcome Garuda Indonesia as their second airline in Southeast Asia to join after Vietnam air. This will open up a bigger market to Indonesia and we will be expected to see another spike in passenger number next year. Asiana Airlines has also just commenced flight operations in July 2013. Asiaana is the second Korean airline serving Indonesia, after Korean Air, which has for years served Jakarta and Denpasar.

 Long term advertisers such as CIMB had certainly benefited from the increased exposure to a growing passenger volume for their advertising at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. CIMB had been advertising since 2009, do read more about it here

Monday, July 15, 2013

TPM Outdoor Second Newsletter 2013

By Chris Ong 

Arriving at the half year mark, TPM is excited to launch our second Newsletter for the year to share more about one of our many key business locations, the largest city and capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Achieving a 6.23% economy growth and 26% increment for foreign investors in 2012, Indonesia emerge as one of the top market for global investors and a worthy contender to join the BRICS group. 

Being the gateway of Jakarta, the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is Asia’s 4th busiest airport with 57 million passengers in 2012. This international airport is enjoying a passenger increment of 15%-20% each year since their opening in 1985. With Terminal 2 to be anticipating the ASEAN open sky policy in 2015, we are sure we can see the figures shooting up to a greater height.

Airport is the hotbed for advertisers, with millions of travelers yearly; we can understand why brands are all fighting for a space in the airport for a chance to reach out to their target audience. Just to name a few, OCBC NISP worked with us to showcase their status in the airport with a custom premium lounge concept with our concept lightboxes at the international baggage claim area. For tourism, we have Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa and Macau Tourism strategically placing their advertisement at check-in counters targeted at specific airline's frequent flyers.

What is the meaning of life if there is just work and no fun? As the living quality of Indonesian rises, we can see a booming demand for luxury cars, consumer goods and also entertainment premises. Located at the 56th floor of the BCA tower in Jakarta, SKYE is the one place to party and dine. Instant getaway from the hectic day and we are sure that magnificent view of the skyline will captivate you and set you into the "Kick Back and Relax" mode in an instant.
TPM Newsletter Jakarta Introduction

Shifting the attention back to Singapore, we are proud to be part of the massive network campaign that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) initiated during March this year. To raise awareness of scam crimes and also thief, the SPF launched their awareness campaign nationwide using our prestige sites to educate the public about crime prevention. From sites along Eu Tong Sen St to table top displays in 8 major food centers, we can assure that the message is clearly brought across to Singaporean of all ages and nationality.

Singapore Police Force network awareness

The half year point marks a fun and exciting start for the year and also more that is to come in the coming second half of the year. We look forward to share more of our achievements to you.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The "Kid" Within Me

By Chris Ong 

Yearly, June marks an important month for me, it's not just only the month that I was born in, but also the month where gaming’s most important expo would be held. Since 1995, the Electronic and Entertainment Expo (E3) would gather thousands of professional in this industry for major announcement and the giants will share their vision and plans for the year. Same for this year, some 48,000 people from 102 different countries attended the event held from 11th to 13th of June.

If you still think that gaming are for kids, then tell that to giants like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Electronic Arts who are pumping crazy amount of money into this business.

Think twice if you think that gaming would not need any advertising. What can be better than seeing your favourite video game character which you see only on your digital screen, appearing on a big billboard, poising to strike. This not only sets my blood rushing but also brings me to another level of excitement and anticipation for the game. Evidence? We are already seeing more outdoor and indoor banners at this year’s expo.

Banners within the Expo Area, Beautiful aren't they?

Batman and Assassin's Creed, what more can I ask for!

All geared for next generation!

The highlight for this year’s event was the revelation of the next generation console from both Sony and Microsoft. All eyes are on Sony since they announced the new Playstation 4 console since February this year. Here’s the catch, they announced it without showing the world how does the physical console looks like, therefore, people from the industry and also the public wants to catch a glimpse of this beast in E3 this year.

Sony sure knows how to tease the people, just one day before the great event, a campaign was launched on the digital screens along the streets of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds during the rush hours. With the display only showing the message “See You In The Morning”.  
Along the busy streets

See you In the Morning!

This teaser campaign helps to build anticipation and excitement for the event and the great revelation form Sony. Next morning, just a few hours after (Time zone difference) their official launch in Los Angeles, these screen immediately changed the message and along with the world, revealed the look of the new Playstation 4.

Revelation of the console along with the whole world!

We really saw them the next morning

This would be the very first reveal of the design and look of Sony’s black box console that goes on sale later this year. What I really love about this campaign is the simultaneous launch and announcement of the highly anticipated home entertainment system which captures and teased the thousands of traffics users along the streets since the previous day. As mentioned by the Associate Director of the site owners, Ocean Outdoor, “This is a genius use of premium digital outdoor to head one of the most anticipated launches in the home entertainment sector of the year”

Back in Singapore, our own team have helped Electronic Arts (EA) with their launch of the yearly and highly anticipated sports title, NBA2K12 back in 2011. Situated strategically on the LED screen in the only mall that has more sports equipment than the whole of Orchard 313, this display that was at Queensway Shopping Centre not only targets on the massive amount of sports enthusiast daily, but also the heavy traffic at every hour.

Keep the "Game" moving

Capturing the crowd that is waiting for the traffic

Combine with a Die-cut display of the game’s logo, it manage to generate more buzz and attention to passer-by. With a mall totally dedicated for electronic device, Sim Lim Square would also be the top location that these companies can advertise in to reach out to their mass consumers. Gaming culture might not be that big in Singapore, but recently, I’ve seen more and more games doing their advertising outdoor to reach out to more people. I, for one, strongly feel that this trend will grow and believe that gaming companies will make use of this media to further create their awareness globally.

Read more here.