Monday, January 24, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Media Centre: Tanjong Pagar Complex (Singapore)

Ambient advertising opportunities available at Tanjong Pagar Complex. This complex has numerous food and coffee shops serving the office crowd and the dock workers. It also houses the Minstry of Manpower's Work Pass Service Centre (at L2).

This video captures the drop-off point and the path leading to the Work Pass Service Centre upstairs.

Foreign Workers / S Pass holders and Dependant's Pass holders visit this location for for their work pass registeration, collection, eRenewal and Issue / Transfer (Change of Employer) transactions.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Double your Media Space for F*REE!

This is an insider tip to double your media buy by thinking out of the box (and onto the floor)! The agency, Serviceplan, Munich, Germany doubled the media space and the attention captured for free using an idea that "exceeds the limits" for BMW in the Hamburg Airport.

Very smart.

Spotted via: Adgoodness

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 Announcements

It is the Rabbit year!

**TPM is closed on Feb 2-7. Our office will be open from Feb 8 2011 Tues onwards. However, our office remains contactable at 6273 0555 throughout. Please let us have your requests early to ensure timely delivery of campaigns and service during this period. **

Let's have a fruitful year ahead together!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mobile Billboard Doubles as Free School Bus

I haven’t been tracking recent “accomplishments” in Out of Home advertising around the world. However, I feel that our industry is probably in a convergence stage now whereby all new and exciting technology are moving into the mainstream and are materializing into campaigns such as MasterCard’s AR campaign in Singapore in May 2010.

Stumbled upon Springwise’s article “In Ghana, Mobile Billboard Doubles as Free School Bus”.  This socially intelligent OOH advertising resonates deeply in me.

As the article is well written, I shall not re-invent the wheel and just quote heavily; please bear with me:
In some parts of Africa, children must walk as many as 10 km to get to school, making consistent attendance a challenge. At the same time, the African advertising industry is growing faster than any other in the world — almost 20 percent annually. Add those two facts together, and you can see the rationale behind TriKademiK, a new brand butler effort launched earlier this year through French firm Instinct's Socially Intelligent Marketing program.

The TriKademiK is essentially a tricycle that is rented out as a mobile billboard while rendering free school transport service for up to 6 children at a time. When not in use for school purposes, the tricycle can be converted for use transporting cargo. The TriKademiK vehicles are easy to set up and last for three years; driver training was provided by Instinct, as is maintenance.

The TriKademiK effort was first launched in Ghana. Its launch sponsor was the mobile telecom operator Zain Ghana. Thus beginning with two villages in Ghana's Hohoe region, the effort has enabled 40 children to go to and from school daily, and has provided employment for 10 local residents as drivers.

The next implementation was in Koforidua thanks to the sponsorship of beverage firm Voltic, which is part of SAB Miller. Through that effort, 55 children are now enabled to attend school and an additional 10 drivers are employed.

Ultimately, Instinct aims to extend to other districts and regions as well to create a fleet of 1,200 tricycles in Ghana that bring 7,200 children to school daily.

TPM's customised mobile billboards for
2009: Queensland Tourism
2010: Shell