Friday, May 22, 2009

Perrier = Get Fresh-The Bottle Moves

We recently spotted an Out-of-Home advertising installation for Perrier, the brand of bottled mineral water from a spring in France. It is a plant/ bush in its unique Perrier bottle shape. Rather apt look since the (artificial) green projects a FRESH look as the Perrier tagline, "Get Fresh"

Date spotted: 20 May 2009
Location: Pub along Keong Siak Street (Chinatown)

We executed a similar display for San Miguel's together with Posterscope SE Asia in 2005 at popular drinking areas in town. A real-life bottle replica of San Miguel standing at the height of 1.8m beamed at revelers enjoying themselves at Far East Square, Boat Quay and Holland Village. Using fiber glass, these replicas were lighted from within at night, brightening up whole ambient with San Miguel’s presence.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crave It? Bite It Off the Billboard!

It is imperative to involve the senses to create effective marketing for food and beverage related products and services. Thus advertising for McDonald's usually consist of rich and HUGE visuals of how good their burgers are. So delicious looking that a bite was taken off one of the billboards previously displayed at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore. Someone was HUNGRY?

Date: Sometime in 2007/2008
Location: Orchard Hotel, Singapore

A Billboard is Sometimes more Than Inkjet On Vinyl

Most of our displays are usually printed on vinyl banners or stickers, thus I am always very impressed that some billboards are still painted on by artists in countries such as America etc. Thus the billboard becomes an unique art piece in the great outdoors .

Once in a while a fantastic medium-product link appears in outdoor by the way of this Makita Drill outdoor installation by Saatchi & Saatchi, South Africa.

Spotted at: adgoodness
“[To] Convince people that Makita drills are high-precision power tools. Can one power drill be more precise than another? ...Drilled over 20,000 holes into a wall to create a huge black and white image of, well, a Makita drill. To create the correct tones, the distances between the holes had to be very carefully calculated

Creating precision holes to give colour variation in a billboard display. - That's just an amazing piece of billboard art out there...