Crave It? Bite It Off the Billboard!

It is imperative to involve the senses to create effective marketing for food and beverage related products and services. Thus advertising for McDonald's usually consist of rich and HUGE visuals of how good their burgers are. So delicious looking that a bite was taken off one of the billboards previously displayed at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore. Someone was HUNGRY?

Date: Sometime in 2007/2008
Location: Orchard Hotel, Singapore


Amazing Blog. Thanks for sharing creative ideas.
Unknown said…
This post goes right along with mine! In my post I debunkify another post that said Outdoor and radio don't appeal to the user at point of purchase. I used a McD's billboard to prove this point..!/
Unknown said…
Great blog post! I used this blog entry to debunkify (spelling?) another blog entry that claimed that outdoor and radio advertising didnt appeal to the user at point of purchase. To make my point I used a McD's billboard!!/