The Dentsu Way: Secrets of Cross Switch Marketing from the World’s Most Innovative Advertising Agency

Caught sight of The Dentsu Way on a friend's desk back in March. The tagline of the book = "The breakthrough marketing strategy from the world's most innovative advertising agency"; Shall we mention that Dentsu is also the world's biggest advertising agency now.

I really enjoyed this book as the authors used actual case studies to illustrate the "Cross Switch Marketing". Cross Switch Marketing challenges the original model of AIDMA (Attention - Interest - Desire - Memory - Action) by Roland Hall. This model illustrates the process of a consumer from the moment he comes in contact with an advertisment to the moment of purchase.

The book is peppered with illustrations and figures which makes easy comprehension. Here are some snapshots =

The Dentsu Way pg59 The Breaking In and Drawing Out Approaches for Reacing the Consumer Who Has Put Up the Information Barrier

Dentsu trademarked the AISAS model (Attention - Interest - Search - Action - Share) in 2005 as they  challenged themselves to overcome the consumer who has put up information barriers.

The Dentsu Way pg79 The AIDMA and AISAS models

The underlying assumption of Cross Switch Marketing is that people connect to different media types and it is defined as "the creation of a scenrio or path for moving the target"

pg. 105 = The three scenrio approaches are:
1. Power variation scenario - presents variations to a message using similar format
2. Timeline scenario - creates a message that changes over time
3. Split media scenario - attracts interest using a key fragment of the message and present the rest of the message using a seperate medium

The Dentsu Way pg134 Designing Campaigns Using AISAS and Contact Point Management

When Cross Switch Marketing is well executed - the campaign put together is very efficient and effective. It would also have very little wastage as the application of the message and the media is so well pathed out. To quote a client " was a hardworking medium".

I highly encourage every young marketer to pick up a copy of this book. I hate to say it, but it makes my Marketing 101 by the Philip Kolter seems outdated. Kolter sure did not have to deal with the Internet and the lifestyles today. Days are gone whereby consumers all watched TV at the same time and same day anymore.

The Dentsu Way pg138 The Japan Dairy Council ASK MILK campaign

As this is a company endorsed book, the first and last chapters are... euphemistically known as necessary material from the authors. It did thwart my inital attempts to start on the book which is why I am only blogging about this now. More reviews of the book here


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