Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's a 20+25millon Contract in Singapore Like

The latest update seems to be Kingsmen Creative - $25millon and Pico Art International for $20million. The glory of our local industry. Some news extracts -

Catching Formula One Race In High Style
Source : The Business Times, December 7, 2007

Extract: ...“Singapore GP has also awarded to two companies - PICO Art International and Kingsmen Creatives - the contract to construct some of the grandstands, seating and corporate hospitality suites for the race. The five-year contract is expected to be worth $25 million.”

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Loreal - True Match

Our recent works have been rather mundane recently after all the excitement in October. In fact I also just came back from a long break away from work as well, hence the lack of updates.

Simple graphic sticker job at the Suntect Convention Centre on 7 Nov 2007. But I am rather happy with how the colour turned out, otherwise it would be a mockery on the visual "True Match"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

TPM-Rigid@ AOA

Posting "live" from the TPM-Rigid booth at the Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 booth F06.

The quality of the exhibition is surprisingly high given that this is the inaugural effort. The exhibition veterans will know that it is not the volume of visitors that count, but the quality of enquires really. It is worth the trip. So see, you!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

TPM Outdoor Productions will be at the Asia Outdoor Advertising @ Suntec from the 24-26 Oct 2007. That's just 3 days away!

Many outdoor advertising media vendors and technology suppliers from around the entire Asia region will be present. It is a historic event and at a gigantic scale for the first time. We are participating with the Rigid Group which is based in Hong Kong/ China.

Our booth is F06, so please also catch up with us at the exhibition. See you!

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Stay Curious - The Light up Lightbox

Did you spot the second type of lightboxes for the "Stay Curious" campaign yet?

The second type of Stay Curious lightbox was launched a couple of weeks back on 3 Oct. It is a light-up lightbox with a special message for the extra curious people... Just "PRESS HERE"
Location: Habourfront/ Vivo City

Have fun with these lightboxes because the campaign is ending soon... It had been rather fun. ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

You Can Find Jesus Anywhere

Almost too innocuous, but extremely effective. A little green name card sized postcard on the wall at the lift landing where the church is based.

And there it is, between the hundreds of tiles, the Cross is really there. Suddenly, you'll realise that the Cross is indeed anywhere. Simple, brilliant and leads to profound and recurring thoughts of the message "You Can Find Jesus Anywhere"

I am no Christian, but I am certainly impressed and impacted.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Stay Curious - Peephole Lightbox

The first type of Stay Curious lightbox was launched last week on 26 Sept. It is a peephole lightbox with a special message inside for the extra curious people...

The special message:
Locations as posted above: Sim Lim Tower, People's Park Centre

We have another series of lightbox for the Stay Curious campaign launching this week. Look out for it!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Stay Curious

TPM Outdoor Productions is infecting little pieces of green around your office and leisure places with red and round balls. What's more is that YOU can bring any of them home immediately. The first location is at the lawns outside Raffles Place MRT station. But there will be more locations coming up, so keep a look out at your nearest piece of field, for you might never know.... ;)

We are proud to be part of the "Stay Curious" campaign. While many have guessed at the end client, I shall not reveal it here. Hopefully such an event will also increase the public's awareness for out-of-home media to connect these interesting balls to the "Stay Curious" lightbox displays around the malls and MRT stations that is happening concurrently. More pictures on that and its follow up projects coming up in our next update.

Psst >> Featured on STOMP!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Had a whirlwind trip in Hong Kong/ Macau in several weeks ago. The international airport and high traffic MTR stations such as Causeway Bay had these large countdown clocks displayed. All in anticipation for the Olympics 2008 held in Beijing on 08. 08. 08.

Where have all the Large Formats Gone?

Specialist Shopping Centre was a discreet success along Orchard Road - firstly as the stronghold of John Little/ Robinsons department store, its unpretentious hotel and its heavenly nonya kuehs. This site will be redeveloped so there's no great loss for the public who can look forward to a revitalized part of the Somerset MRT station vicinity in 2008. But it has been a blow for the local outdoor advertising industry.
Specialist Shopping Centre had been the site of the largest trivision (three-message) displays in Orchard Road. As of last week, even the prisms have already been removed for the impending construction works. In fact, many large formats displays are now no more. Noted from an industry observer: The entire stretch of AYE is now quiet and dark. The JC Decaux site for DHL - yellow and the Courts display at the Keppel Distripark have all disappeared in a wink! Even the neon display for Casio at Chinatown Point had shone its last in mid-Aug.

What's happening? Are these "disappearances" an observable trend? Maybe the industry is simply refreshing the site inventory or is it the beginning of an end?

PS: If you had not notice any of these "disappearances" - your only excuse is that you are not living in Singapore. *kidding..

Friday, August 31, 2007

COMEX 2007 Singapore - The IT Event of the Year!

COMEX 2007 Singapore - The IT Event of the Year is here! It is from 30 Aug to 2 Sept 2007 at the Suntec Convention Centre. Please visit to grab the latest and best bargains in consumer electronics. ;)

TPM Outdoor Productions was privileged to participate in Comex 2007 Singapore this year as a supplier for print, temporary structure and installation of an advertising display for SanDisk.

Our TPM team is such a trooper! Truth be said, it is always stressful to work for an events company due to the strict schedules. But it is always rewarding knowing that we were able to meet these standards. Thank you everyone for the support!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Adidas and guerrilla marketing

Adidas is one brand that knows outdoor advertising very well and has harnessed it to create many guerrilla marketing campaigns that are form unique and lasting impressions.

Adidas’s outdoor advertising executions are interactive ie. highly engaging to the audience. They are also well targeted at their intended audience for that particular campaign - youngster, runners, football enthusiasts etc. They were also careful to make their brand expandable, making us pay through our noses for either extreme of the fashion range of the Classics and Stella McCarthy. Some of my favourite works:

Date: Aug 2006 (during Fashion Week)
Via: Thomas Rockstar
Location: Pilestraede, Copenhagen
Intention: To entice customers to go to their new store launched in Pilestraede, Copenhagen
during fashion week.

How/ Mechanism: By filling the fountain at ‘Enhave Plads’ with small blue rubber ducks. People who picked up the ducks will read on their side: “I’ve swum too far - help me get back home!” and on the bottom: “Reward for my return at Adidas Original store”. Customers that bring the the duck back to the store they received a free t-shirt!

Date: Jul 2006
Via: Caffeine Marketing
Location: Leidse Square, Amsterdam
Intention: To launch of new Adidas Classics concept store in the vicinity.

How/ Mechanism: What’s there to say really…?

Actually, TPM Outdoor Productions is also part of Adidas’ outdoor advertising campaigns in Singapore on a regular basis. In fact, we are the appointed production house for the advertising needs at Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore.

The magnitude of work at this location is very large and given the very tight deadlines, I cannot honestly proclaim that these our best works. Nonetheless, the impact created at this targeted location combined with the interesting creative and execution, the audience always have strong impressions Adidas at Queensway Shopping Centre.

With so many sporting events coming up, the next change will be coming up soon. Do go over to Queensway Shopping Centre to see its next change… Could it be EPL next?

OCBC at White Sands Shopping Centre

OCBC has recently embarked on an exciting advertising blitz which includes a strong outdoor advertising component. The most prominent messages for this campaign are the "Sunday Banking", "OCBC Cash in Hand Promotion" and the children targeted savings programme marketed as "Might $avers".

These outdoor advertisements are targeted at high traffic areas within a 50-100m radius from their bank branches.

TPM Outdoor Productions was part of the ambient outdoor advertising done by OCBC at the White Sands Shopping Centre. That's the shopping centre next to Pasir Ris Mrt Station along the east-west line. As it is also considered a promotional campaign, the production and installation efforts had to match the launch date carefully. Not a day earlier or later...

Man, our TPM team worked our socks off, but we did complete within the timeline to the client's satisfaction. Banking and finance related clients have some of the highest standards and we are glad to have made the cut. It was a proud day!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia, KL

Another whirlwind trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week.

Comparative to the outdoor advertising scene in Jarkata, Indonesia which I was introduced to recently, the scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is slightly more mature in terms of size of display and its orderliness. The structure were also more "professional looking" ie. sturdier and have better finishing.

Despite so, preliminary research on the Internet yielded that the outdoor advertising market size in Malaysia is only 2% of overall adspend in 2006. This is only RM~76.4mil, compared to the over RM2bil for adspend in newspapers! Considering the quality of newspapers advertising and outdoor advertising in Malaysia, I am surprised by such statistics. But perhaps I am only narrowly looking at this from a Kuala Lumpur perspective. However, it is heartening to see that ACNielsen also indicated that outdoor advertising is the fastest growing adspend segment with a yoy growth of ~37% compared to the shrinkage of the newspapers' segment of -1.1%in 2005.

One growth avenue in outdoor advertising is in ambient advertising. It is evident seeing the aggressive and creative branding of LRT (Light Rail Transit) stations around the city belts like the Imbiah station. Other forms of transits such as the ERL (Express Rail Link) which serves between KLIA and the city are also jumping onto this new revenue source.

Not enough pictures, I know, but then again, I don't foresee that it will be my last trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia in the next month or so. We are about to commence on a mega project within the month of August - More to be revealed in latter postings...!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Scrolling Outdoor Advertising Display

Is it defective or is it really that "big"?

A clever means of using a scrolling outdoor advertising display for Wonderbra (Filmed in Brussels, Belgium) by causing it to be seemingly defective. In fact, the display would attract even more attention because passers-by would notice that it is working abnormally. A bit on the risque side, but it is a Wonderbra advertisement afterall! *grin

In fact TPM Outdoor Productions is also able to re-create the use of such techniques for creative executions. Another technical "glitch" we can create is to allow only half of a trivision (3-message display) to spin rather than the whole display. In this way, an advertisement for the effects of aging or skin whitening can be shown on a face or body with a "before and after" portrayal.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Future of Billboards at The Downtown At Marina Bay

Singapore is going through an exciting time!

In the next couple of years, the heart of the city will be transferred to The Downtown at Marina Bay. This new city around the bay is built with deliberate planning with a slew of large scale projects for all types of land use. Already, the seeds for the new Central Business District (CBD) are planted with the completion Grade A office buildings such as One Marina Boulevard in 2004 and One Raffles Quay in recent 2007. The much hyped about Integrated Resort (IR) is scheduled for completion in 2008, adding to the strong tourism and recreational theme for the new city centre. This is also boosted by the already thriving new Marina Bay Golf Course and the grandiose Gardens by The Bay project as part of the Water Bodies Masterplan.

The upcoming completion of the Marina Barrage in 2007 would form part of the new Marina Reservoir together with the other three water bodies, Singapore River, Marina Channel and Kallang Basin. This enlarged water body and stabilised water level will be suitable for an even wider range of activities including current major events such as international water sports events, outdoor concerts and fireworks displays.

While our local developmental agencies such as EDB, URA and NParks are aggressively driving this new vibrant waterfront city with all these Masterplans here and there, I must also contribute too! ;)

Where the city life moves towards, outdoor advertising will as well. It is inevitable, just like the Law of Attraction. Thus it is very heartening to hear that new areas to be considered for outdoor advertising will include The Downtown at Marina Bay! But frankly, I am not as keen on outdoor advertising on building facades as compared to the following forms:
Floating billboards/ Inflatable water balloons

Billboards on Barges

Sponsored sails of wind-surfers or catamarans

I will drive (more like lounge on) one of these babies anytime around the Marina Reservoir myself! Oh but please don’t make me apply through additional governmental bodies to include NParks, PUB and NEA on top of the BCA and URA!

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Interesting Fountain Displays

Unique sites garner unique and creative executions such as the recent one we have completed at Marina Square, Singapore. This is a cascading fountain from the second floor to the ground floor and the display area would be seen from the ground floor. The water flow is also quite powerful, stimulating a strong rain fall or a good shower, so with such good conditions, the ideas came...

We completed one for Organics Shampoo several years ago before they re-branded into Sunsilk. Frequent wash, so the creative display had a constant "wash" effect on the display:
Recently, another one for Nippon Paint- "weather proofing your home" with a torrential rainfall over the entire house. Heh. Very creative and gives you a smile right? I am very admirable for the creative team who have came up with either ideas and TPM Outdoor Productions is happy to be part of the installation team to complete the idea:
BTW, the final MYOB installations took place at Jln Besar's trivision and People's Park Centre trivision. More installations coming up next, stay tuned!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mini Car Advertising - Targeting Drivers


Mini Car is very adventurous in their advertising and the outdoor medium is especially apt for them to unleash the uniqueness and creativity. They have Mini Cars climbing all over buildings around the world and recently in Singapore as well. Some years back, we also participated to create toy-boxes and cages to "house" the Mini Car for ambient displays in Orchard Road.

We also got involved in the Mini campaign this year. In a small, but ideally impactful manner.
We would have installed carpark boomgates advertisings in at least 6 carparks by next week. The taglines give the audience a little laugh and this strategy usually gets the message to stick well. The above picture was taken at the St. James Power House. Other locations already installed include the Market Street Carpark, Golden Shoe Carpark etc.

We do our boomgates advertising in a careful manner both suitable for indoor and outdoor carparks. Some other installers prefer to use cable ties as in the picture below, but I think it is unsightly and should be avoided.

No matter, boomgates advertising should be installed above or on the barrier - in line with the rubber protection beneath the barrier. The rubber protects the car from hitting the barrier directly when the car is too slow or fast to move off. Even though our boomgates advertising panels are very light in weight and have no sharp edges, no Lamborghini will appreciate anything to land on its shiny exterior!

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Oi, Mind Your Own Business!

Not being rude here, but it is really, Mind Your Own Business - MYOB for short. It is an accounting software which targets small business owners who seek an accessible programme to handle their own accounting needs. I can empathize well with such a target audience.

MYOB has commenced on their outdoor advertising campaign at end May and now in June as well. Outdoor advertising is highly suitable for the myriad of small business owners that are always zipping around town. TPM Outdoor Productions has already printed and installed at 3 locations in the last 3 weeks.

Location 1: Singapore Badminton Association, Geylang
Format: Giant Lightbox

Location 2 and 3: 224 Balestier Rd and 183 Sims Ave, Geylang
Frontlit Banner
Date: Jun 2007

We have 2 more locations coming up in the next 2 weeks! Email me/ leave a comment when you spot them and be entitled to a TPM gift pack! *Related persons from TPM and our affiliates are not allowed to participate. I am also open to suggestions on what the gift pack should be! ;)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

What is Digital Media?

I can hardly believe that it has been more than 3 weeks since I last updated. Where has all the minutes and seconds flown to? It has been busy. Or perhaps it was only until earlier this week that I chanced upon a fantastic "Digital Outdoor" execution in Singapore that I was so inspired to share this!

It is for the Nokia Nseries whereby the UPS is about the experience - whatever the tagline is. So this digital outdoor execution is also about the experience. In a LCD screen display incorporated into a giant Nseries phone, the audience has the potential to interact via the wireless control stand right in front of the screen. So it is like playing with a giant mobile phone.

The attention to detail is also amazing - not a typical universal remote control, but a touch enabled wireless remote control! Ooh. I am a sucker for details...

Even some veterans of the outdoor advertising industry has trouble identifying what exactly is "Digital Outdoor". I am sure it is not just placing a computer in an outdoor environment.

Though I do not have a definitive answer, I feel that any outdoor display that uses technology in a manner that it engages the audience on an additional level - to be involved and drawn into some participation provides a clear value adding enhancement to any traditional outdoor.

Date spotted: 19 Jun 07 (Tues)
Location: Citilink Underpass, Singapore

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mini Cars Climbing Buildings Again

Not the first time that Mini Cars are climbing buildings in Singapore, but this execution was particulary interesting as it also involved a tug-of-war on the opposite. Very nice use of the media since the building facade has a cave-in area where the main entrance of the building is.

One question though: If the men on the right side of the creative are "side view" why is the Mini Car mounted on the building facade with its "top/ plane view" facing the target audience?

Date spotted: 25 May 07 (Fri)
Location: OUB Centre, Raffles Green, Singapore

Very clever how this production team extended the 3D imagery by putting parts of the actual hemp rope on a 1D display.

Dengue Prevention Campaign

The levels of current dengue cases are on its way to epidemic levels - similar to the previous largest outbreak in 2005. But the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) is now harnessing the strength of the community. A large island wide campaign is taking place over the radio, TV, outdoor advertising and in PR efforts to educate the dangers of the andes mosquitoes to ourselves.

In fact the NEA has called for a new tender last week for print of additional banners to be printed and distributed to the district offices for installation in housing estates. This is with good cause too as close to 85% of breeding incidences are in residential areas. I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot, so riddance to all of mosquitoes!

Such government related messages are not subjected to the approvals from authorities such as BCA. But looking at how these banners are installed - between trees, street signs and lighting fixtures or along the fences etc. It is firstly dangerous as these banners are installed without professionalism may fall or be in the obstruction of the public's access to the streets etc. The LTA has restricted the installation of advertisement messages on these street fixtures for a good reason. Furthermore these banners are not well tensioned and it is ugly at their inconsistent heights etc. So why allow double standards like such to be created in the first place?

Date spotted:
23 May 07 (Wed)
Location: Housing Estates Island-wide, Singapore

Friday Late Night Shopping At Orchard Road

I am actually amazed to realise that the "Friday Late Night Shopping At Orchard Road" had been launched as early as July 2006. That is almost 1 year ago or 10-12 Fridays already - 1 Friday at the end of every month. Yet I have not been for any of these 10-12 Fridays yet. The current campaign for the "Friday Late Night Shopping At Orchard Road" has stepped up a notch with more intensive outdoor advertising on the street. No media buying for the Uniquely Singapore, instead they rely on their "immunity" from the authorities (waiver to use public goods for promotion of goverment related messages" to use the pedestrian walkways and wrap-around stands on the streetscape trees for their outdoor advertising messages.

Date spotted: 23 May 07 (Wed)
Location: Everywhere, Orchard Road, Singapore
Personal gripe: Shopping is a usually spontaneous affair and in Singapore it is difficult as the seated restaurants and mid-high end shopping boutiques and malls close at about the same time between 9.30-10pm everyday and even on weekends. Consumers are forced to choose between good dinner or good shopping, no middle ground - unlike true shopping havens in Hong Kong and Shanghai where decent restaurants, shops, services such as salons are opened till 11pm-1am till the public transport shuts down. No surcharge on mid-night cab fares too! No need to wait for a single Friday out of the entire month for some decent shopping AND food on the same night...!

More Bus-Shelter Creatives - (Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007)

Date spotted: 23 May 07 (Wed)
Location: In front of The Heeren Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore

The flat-top of the bus-shelter was transformed into a pool table for the current Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007. Such creatives are so simple, yet so intelligent. Very sexy (to me!)

Unfortunately, this also means the actual execution is very large, I had to step back several times just to get a full shot of the above. ie. Less than effective to the usually ad-clutter zombified pedestrians. All the ordinary passers-by may see is a pair of very large black legs! So I would not be surprised if you had not spotted these series of bus-shelter executions - But I'm sure you would have caught the TVC for the Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007 (YouTube Link) though. Exactly what I think a bunch of fun-loving, Guinness guzzling bunch of Irish blokes would come up with.. Heh.

Do note that Singaporeans are rated as the most brisk walkers in the world?
So, to catch the local passers-by/ pedestrian attention, outdoor advertising in Singapore must be extra eye-catching otherwise we will simply run-walk them by! But can it actually be believable that we had beaten New Yorkers at walking briskly? When I used to work in Hong Kong, I had to double-time so that I would not seem to be running after my boss. It was actually more pressurizing than a deadline...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bus Shelter Display - Soo Kee Jewelry

Spotted a very impressive 3D bus shelter display for Soo Kee Jewelry's Brilliant Rose at the previously unobtrusive bus shelter just outside Tangs Shopping Centre. It was a head-on view for the pedestrian exiting the Orchard MRT station.

Showed this picture to the TPM team earlier this morning and this was overhead:
X: "It would be very impressive if all the roses used to cover the bus shelter were real..."
Y: "If diamond that size is real, good enough for me already..."
Date spotted: 28 May 07 (Mon)
Location: In front of Tangs Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore

Updated: Dug out a picture of the same bus-stop just a week before Soo Kee Jewelry took over.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Road Accidents in Singapore

Road accidents in Singapore seem to on a rise. This is despite the Traffic Police of Singapore governing the roads with some of the most stringent rules in world such as - no handphones/ mobile phones while driving, compulsory belting up for back seat passengers and the frequent spot checks for drunk-driving offenses. So maybe punishment is not enough, but education is needed.

Paris Hilton's drunk-driving offense in 2006 only landed her 36 months' probation, alcohol education and US$1,500 in fines. It is only because Paris Hilton had violated her probation that she is readying herself for the 45 days imprisonment. Wait till she drives in Singapore! Those found guilty of drink driving in Singapore can be fined up to S$5,000, or jailed up to six months and banned from driving for at least a year. Even our local celebrities such as Christopher Lee and Benedict Goh may be expected to serve time for the offenses in drunk driving (DUI)

TPM Outdoor Productions was able to help the Traffic Police of Singapore in conducting alcohol education through the use of outdoor advertisements to spread the safety message and consequences. Outdoor advertising is effective as it directly targets the road-users. Furthermore the Traffic Police times these execution well in the busiest nightlife areas and during festive periods.
Location 1: People's Park Centre, Chinatown
Format: Trivision, sticker - with 2 faces (English and Chinese version)
Message: Targeting Drunk-Driving in Singapore (DUI)
Date: Mar 2007

The Traffic Police has turned their efforts towards education on other traffic offenses. In view of the lack of festive period now, the Traffic Police is right to avoid message fatigue (or being like a mother/ long-winded) to the audience.

The GREAT SINGAPORE SALES (GSS) starts today 25 May 2007. But don't rush across the road just for a new sale at the other side of Orchard Road during the Great Singapore Sales, because Jaywalking Kills...
Location 2: People's Park Complex, Chinatown
Format: Frontlit banner
Message: Targeting Jaywalking in Singapore
Date: May 2007

Beck's Beer Branding at the Kopitiams

Sponsorship with shops and chain outlets is an effective form of point-of-sales (POS) advertising. Some product categories such as credit cards, beer and in some countries, cigarettes do more POS advertising than others.

In Singapore, we have Visa and Mastercard vying at the upmarket retails and food establishments at Club Street or at Far East Square. While the beer boys fight it out in the rows of coffeeshops/ kopitiams along the bustling Geylang. (Note:
Kopitiam is the dialect Hokkien for coffeeshop. It is comparable to a cafe in Europe and a mamak stall in Malaysia)

Outdoor plays a strong and large - as in literally LARGE role in these retails sponsorship for POS items such as shop sign, awnings/ canopies, parasols and even the furniture! TPM Outdoor Productions is also highly involved in the production of these and has helped esteemed brands such as Mastercard and Beck's Beer in several projects s.
Most recently we have completed a lightbox signage for Beck's Beer at a coffeeshop/ kopitiam along the Geylang Road. The key challenge was its size since it was more than 6m wide.

Other more notable production for Beck's Beer POS items was at the coffeeshop/ kopitiam at the Fu Lou Shou Building at Bugis next to the famous Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street. Notable because it was very nicely executed and that the kopitiam had very good food too! ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ministry of Manpower: Shine at Work!

The theme for this year's National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign is "SHINE@work" or "Safety and health involves everyone at work". TPM Outdoor Productions had an opportunity to participate in it - both as a participant of the related construction industries and also in their outdoor campaign. Again, we did the production at:

Location 1: Banner,
18 Roberts Lane (below)
Location 2: Backlit posters, Golden Mile Complex (picture not posted)
Location 3: Trivision sticker, Jalan Besar Plaza
(picture not posted)
Location 4: Trivision sticker, People's Park Complex (below)
This is the second campaign TPM Outdoor Productions which had done for the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore (MOM). MOM had also used other forms of exciting ambient media provided by other vendors. Unfortunately these pictures are still stuck in my memory stick. I do have a lot of things to say about Cybershot recently, but that will be for a separate post.

Outdoor media is especially effective for targeting the foreign labour in Singapore. These foreign labourers are mostly in the low value, labour intensive industries such as construction and also domestic help. They do not watch mainstream television, or purchase any newspapers and local magazines. But they do go out whenever they can on weekends and in the late nights in areas such as Serangoon or Golden Mile. They will look up or around to view these messages to them.

Tough Luck, JCDecaux

Shareholders of Clear Channel Communications has accepted the revised version of a buy out from private equity group Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital worth $19.5 billion. Its shareholders were rewarded for holding out on their earlier offer of only $18.7 billion plus debt from this pair of Boston private-equity firms.

But in the midst of the above contentious buyout effort since last year, some analysts have also suggested that Clear Channel stay public and consider selling certain assets, including some of its outdoor assets. Indeed, Clear Channel has received offers for its subsidiary, Clear Channel Outdoor, in two separate occasions from its competitors JCDecaux and most recently Cemusa.

Cemusa is a New York-based unit of a Spanish construction company. It had recently expressed interest to acquire all or part of Clear Channel Outdoor that is 90 percent owned by San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications Inc. Furthermore, Cemusa has a joint venture agreement with Clear Channel for a contract for street-furniture advertising in Madrid.

Not a bad move since outdoor is the one form of advertising that consumers cannot ignore by fast forwarding, flipping stations, choosing not to click or deciding not to read. Even Clear Channel executives had declared in the 2006 letter to shareholders that "Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the strongest-performing segments of traditional media"

The saga is not completely over yet as the buyout deal must be formally approved by a majority of shareholders in a special, still unscheduled vote. If the deal is ultimately approved, Clear Channel would go into private hands.

Eat your heart out JCDecaux. And so will the rest of us...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Leapfrogging Outdoor Ads Try to Get a Leg Up

"The online travel business in India is really heating up. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo of some competitive outdoor advertising passed on to me from my cousin, Manik. It seems that Zoomtra is currently sitting at the top of the heap."

As taken from Rajan Sodhi's interesting blog at Big Marketing for Small Business. Especially amusing since Zoomtra designed the copy with the context of the billboard position in mind to emphasis that they are indeed literally at the height of the competition.

It is tiring to see creatives not designed with the media in mind - too often do we see print creatives being stretched and enlarged directly for billboard purposes. Is there any point to the information provided in that red circle especially since the whole poster is above eye-level?

Personally, context is important to break through the ad clutter as it provides that little bit more thought process to register the message into the numbed-up brain.

Date spotted:
22 Apr 07 (Sun)

Location: The Heeren, Orchard Road, Singapore

Monday, May 14, 2007

Clear Channel Selling Out to JCDecaux?

The Britain's outdoor advertising industry is preparing for its biggest ever shake-up. The US group, Clear Channel Communications is expected to sell its international poster business for an estimated $3.2bn (£1.6bn). While the most likely buyer is JCDecaux, the world's second largest outdoor group, private equity groups will come in to bid as well.

Clear Channel Outdoor
is currently the largest outdoor advertising operator in the UK, and also claims to dominate in Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. Its operations stretch as far as Australia, China and even in our sunny Singapore too!

It also seems that other players such as USA's Titan Worldwide and Spain's Cemusa will stand to gain from picking off parts that JCDecaux would have to sell on for regulatory reasons.
It is almost certainly that JCDecaux will be forced to sell off parts of the British and French operations to avoid breaking competition rules. In Britain, the combined companies would control 80% of roadside poster hoardings. The Singapore operations may be similarly affected as we have the same market sizing and dynamics of the UK market.

The board of Clear Channel Communications is now awaiting a shareholder vote on May 22 for a proposed takeover by Thomas H Lee and Bain Capital Partners, the private equity groups. Whether or not the takeover goes ahead, Clear Channel Outdoor's assets outside the US are likely to go on the block, with the sale process beginning within weeks of the vote.

Though I am aware of how our industry is well affected by the comings and goings of private equity groups, I never really saw this between Clear Channel and JCDecaux at all. Till June then, when we see the results of the shareholder vote and its effects on Singapore!

Life's Short. Get a Divorce.

"Life's Short. Get a Divorce. " - Best life-advice eh? Especially, after I tell you that this is from a pair of divorce lawyers Corri Fetman and Kelly Garland!

Display in downtown Chicago, USA, this suggestive billboard advertisement was removed after only less than a week of display. It features the partially clothed torsos of a buff man and a provocative woman with a slogan in between - “Life’s short. Get a divorce.”

It might be a tad offensive to some, but this was not the reason that it was pulled down by city workers. Instead, it was because Fetman did not have the proper permit. As City Alderman Burton Natarus said. "It has nothing to do with content or anything else." (For more...)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

LEDs emerge to fight fluorescents

TPM Outdoor Productions Pte Ltd has been using LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting to create colourful and animated lighting effects on our frontlit banners/ billboard displays in Singapore since last Aug 2006. We are familiar with LED lighting and its cost and energy efficiency benefits.

This is especially since our Grand Ampera project executed by our sister company, PT TPM in Palembang, Sumatra.

I am sharing an interesting article from Businessweek which summaries how LED lighting will take over our current usage of the compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs sooner than you think:

Recent developments in LED lighting that brought about key benefits for its use over the current conventional and alternative sources:
  • LED have doubled in energy efficiency and brightness in the last 2 years.
  • LED are long lasting: They last up to 50,000 hours compared to about 10,000 hours for fluorescents and 1,000 hours for incandescents. This translate to huge savings in maintenance costs when commercial clients do not need to send out for the janitor each time a bulb blows.
  • LED do not contain toxic mercury unlike the compact fluorescent bulbs/ tubes
But some also argue that, at its current development LED lighting needs more improvements before mass market adoption - For single LEDs may demonstrate very high energy efficiency in the lab, but when combined into fixtures, their efficiency is considerably lower. In part that is a heat issue: the diodes produce less heat than incandescents, but they keep that heat in the fixture rather than radiating it, and the hotter the diodes get, the less efficient they are.

But it seems like the widespread use of LED is a matter of sooner than later thanks to the forward-looking actions of these governments:
  • California and Canada have decided to ban the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2012.
  • Australia is banning incandescent bulbs in 2010.
  • The European Union is looking at banning production of the bulbs.
  • A U.S. Senate committee is working on a proposal that would phase out the light bulb in 10 years."
  • Lighting consumes 22 percent of electricity produced in the U.S. and widespread use of LED lighting could cut consumption in half.
It may not be tomorrow yet, but it is without doubt that in the next 2, 5 or at most 10 years' time - the traditional symbol of bright ideas is set to be replaced with the LED.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

JVC Billboard with Giant Globe at Times Square, New York

JVC Mobile Unveils an Exciting Times Square Billboard That Will Stop Traffic.

There is something very familiar about this execution, especially on the GLOBE. This latest billboard on Times Square, New York is a 2-part execution by Spectacolor Communications Inc - a traffic-stopper billboard graced by eight-foot (~2.4m) tall JVC letters, with a digital "zipper" announcing JVC Mobile's achievements and a globe! The globe measures 38 feet high by 63 feet (~11m H x 19.2m W) wide and glitters with more than 100 fibre optic points.

Gee. Deja vu vu