Leapfrogging Outdoor Ads Try to Get a Leg Up

"The online travel business in India is really heating up. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo of some competitive outdoor advertising passed on to me from my cousin, Manik. It seems that Zoomtra is currently sitting at the top of the heap."

As taken from Rajan Sodhi's interesting blog at Big Marketing for Small Business. Especially amusing since Zoomtra designed the copy with the context of the billboard position in mind to emphasis that they are indeed literally at the height of the competition.

It is tiring to see creatives not designed with the media in mind - too often do we see print creatives being stretched and enlarged directly for billboard purposes. Is there any point to the information provided in that red circle especially since the whole poster is above eye-level?

Personally, context is important to break through the ad clutter as it provides that little bit more thought process to register the message into the numbed-up brain.

Date spotted:
22 Apr 07 (Sun)

Location: The Heeren, Orchard Road, Singapore