More Bus-Shelter Creatives - (Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007)

Date spotted: 23 May 07 (Wed)
Location: In front of The Heeren Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore

The flat-top of the bus-shelter was transformed into a pool table for the current Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007. Such creatives are so simple, yet so intelligent. Very sexy (to me!)

Unfortunately, this also means the actual execution is very large, I had to step back several times just to get a full shot of the above. ie. Less than effective to the usually ad-clutter zombified pedestrians. All the ordinary passers-by may see is a pair of very large black legs! So I would not be surprised if you had not spotted these series of bus-shelter executions - But I'm sure you would have caught the TVC for the Asian 9-Ball Guinness Tour 2007 (YouTube Link) though. Exactly what I think a bunch of fun-loving, Guinness guzzling bunch of Irish blokes would come up with.. Heh.

Do note that Singaporeans are rated as the most brisk walkers in the world?
So, to catch the local passers-by/ pedestrian attention, outdoor advertising in Singapore must be extra eye-catching otherwise we will simply run-walk them by! But can it actually be believable that we had beaten New Yorkers at walking briskly? When I used to work in Hong Kong, I had to double-time so that I would not seem to be running after my boss. It was actually more pressurizing than a deadline...