OCBC at White Sands Shopping Centre

OCBC has recently embarked on an exciting advertising blitz which includes a strong outdoor advertising component. The most prominent messages for this campaign are the "Sunday Banking", "OCBC Cash in Hand Promotion" and the children targeted savings programme marketed as "Might $avers".

These outdoor advertisements are targeted at high traffic areas within a 50-100m radius from their bank branches.

TPM Outdoor Productions was part of the ambient outdoor advertising done by OCBC at the White Sands Shopping Centre. That's the shopping centre next to Pasir Ris Mrt Station along the east-west line. As it is also considered a promotional campaign, the production and installation efforts had to match the launch date carefully. Not a day earlier or later...

Man, our TPM team worked our socks off, but we did complete within the timeline to the client's satisfaction. Banking and finance related clients have some of the highest standards and we are glad to have made the cut. It was a proud day!

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