Oi, Mind Your Own Business!

Not being rude here, but it is really, Mind Your Own Business - MYOB for short. It is an accounting software which targets small business owners who seek an accessible programme to handle their own accounting needs. I can empathize well with such a target audience.

MYOB has commenced on their outdoor advertising campaign at end May and now in June as well. Outdoor advertising is highly suitable for the myriad of small business owners that are always zipping around town. TPM Outdoor Productions has already printed and installed at 3 locations in the last 3 weeks.

Location 1: Singapore Badminton Association, Geylang
Format: Giant Lightbox

Location 2 and 3: 224 Balestier Rd and 183 Sims Ave, Geylang
Frontlit Banner
Date: Jun 2007

We have 2 more locations coming up in the next 2 weeks! Email me/ leave a comment when you spot them and be entitled to a TPM gift pack! *Related persons from TPM and our affiliates are not allowed to participate. I am also open to suggestions on what the gift pack should be! ;)

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