What is Digital Media?

I can hardly believe that it has been more than 3 weeks since I last updated. Where has all the minutes and seconds flown to? It has been busy. Or perhaps it was only until earlier this week that I chanced upon a fantastic "Digital Outdoor" execution in Singapore that I was so inspired to share this!

It is for the Nokia Nseries whereby the UPS is about the experience - whatever the tagline is. So this digital outdoor execution is also about the experience. In a LCD screen display incorporated into a giant Nseries phone, the audience has the potential to interact via the wireless control stand right in front of the screen. So it is like playing with a giant mobile phone.

The attention to detail is also amazing - not a typical universal remote control, but a touch enabled wireless remote control! Ooh. I am a sucker for details...

Even some veterans of the outdoor advertising industry has trouble identifying what exactly is "Digital Outdoor". I am sure it is not just placing a computer in an outdoor environment.

Though I do not have a definitive answer, I feel that any outdoor display that uses technology in a manner that it engages the audience on an additional level - to be involved and drawn into some participation provides a clear value adding enhancement to any traditional outdoor.

Date spotted: 19 Jun 07 (Tues)
Location: Citilink Underpass, Singapore

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