TPM In Korea!

I had the great pleasure and honour to know Mr Joonshup Shin, a journalist with POPSIGN which is a very popular and successful Professional Sign Magazine based in Korea. POPSIGN in Korean and English here. Intro to POPSIGN in their own words:
POPSIGN is the first Korean Journal of sign industry. POPSIGN was established in 1993 has steadily grown ever since along with the Korean sign industry. [By] providing graphic information to the industry, [POPSIGN] have tried to develop and invigorate Korean outdoor advertising industry. POPSIGN is also one of co-sponsors for the biggest Sign Show in Korea, the annual KOSIGN exhibitions organized by the COEX...

TPM was introduced in the Aug 2008 POPSIGN publication, I guess that's the closest TPM will get to Korea for a while now - The article is on "online commnunites and blog space: a passage of communication". I will also appreciate any translation help here too!

Much thanks to our readers - the TPM blog receives about 30-40 first time visitors daily. Thank you for your kindest support and please send any interesting OOH for us to share on this blog and with everyone else too.

I also learnt much from Joonshup that OOH Ad online communities and forums are rather popular in Korea too. In fact, TPM's blog was also first introduced at one of these boards - Anyone has more communities/ forum boards similar to these for sharing? Maybe something in English that I can join in too?