Happy New Year from TPM!

Happy New Year!

With all the momentous events in the later part of 2008, it is hardly surprising that most of us are bracing for more of the worst to come. But as with all boom-bust cycles, what goes up must come down and this is also the Principle of Waves and Nodes in life.

Despite all this doom and gloom talk, a recession doesn’t mean that the world stops turning and we stop eating – it simply means a smarter way of achieving more for less and perhaps also eating less steak and more rice. It is also a good time for change as we all challenge the old ways and improve for the better.

So, as a series of changes, we at TPM will be exploring more means of helping our clients stretching their ad dollar with outdoor advertising and also work with our strategic partners to provide more value-add. I will also include more content into this blog to share general marketing insights and analysis that I have inevitably gathered in my new role in client servicing.

As usual, I welcome all comments and sharing.

Thank you for your kind support in 2008 and we look forward to helping and sharing further this 2009. Let’s start with the fun again…!