Escalator Branding by Ad-Roller in India

The first reaction when I heard about this technology was "No, it is too dangerous, the risk of breakdown and incidents will outweigh the benefits of this media... the mall owner will not allow it" - All these thoughts have been dismissed since the launch of Msquare Ad Roller India in India by Lokesh Kumar and Director of Maverick Media.

The power of the brand is literally in her hands!

In fact this media provides BOTH a captive audience on the escalator and has the audience's undivided attention, as holding on to the railing is required for safety.


This impactful media provides a myriad of design possibilities and content that are can be both engaging or contextually hunourous even though it is just on minimum 7 sq. m., 60 m. Ad-roller has shared the statistics of catching undivided attention of consumers for up to 40 seconds, which results in ~78% brand recall.

This article by media4growth shares insights from the founders and product principal. One key note from the article quoted below:
this media is colourfast, scratch-proof and durable, backed by a 1-month warranty for each application, and also fire-proof – certified by the City of Vienna’s Surveillance Testing & Certification Body as well as certified by the German body TÜV.

Time to invade the malls with escalator handrail advertising indeed!