Billboards; a large flat surface used to put up a message. Well not anymore. With the present-day technology that we have today, outdoor advertising does not only consist of “boring flat non-interactive piece of board”.
Back in the days, one huge billboard is prominent enough to gather people’s attention as they aren’t as many outdoor advertising. In today’s world, there is probably a 99% chance of seeing an advertisement at every corner we turn. Therefore, we now have LED and LCD screens, 2D and 3D designs and many more creative and innovative ways of capturing people’s attention.
One of the simpler inventions is a scrolling lightbox.

Health Promotion Board @ Queensway Shopping Centre
Health Promotion Board @ Queensway Shopping Centre

Habitually, our eyes would revert to the slightest of movements. Thus, when the banner of a lightbox scrolls to the next ad every 30 seconds or so, it will typically attract people to look at it, hence, reading or looking at the advertisement on display.
Macau Tourism @ Funan I.T. Mall
Macau Tourism @ Funan I.T. Mall
Another form of interactive display is using 2D or 3D design. Most advertising displays are limited to shapes of boxes. Consequently, when something is ‘Out of the Box’, it is sure to grab attention.
Guo Tai @ 121 Sims Avenue
Guo Tai @ 121 Sims Avenue
Next on the list is none other than a screen. There are LCD and also LED screens. One LED screen can be as huge as the largest billboard available and videos and animations are certainly great attention grabbers.
Queensway Shopping Centre LED Screen
With technology in the present day, almost nothing is impossible. Standing billboards can be equipped with touch screen and camera function. Who’s to say that billboards aren’t interactive?
People are always coming up with fresh ideas to get in connect with other people. Those mentioned above are only a few and the list is non-exhausted!
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