Billboard Movies - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The world of advertising - with media, creatives and reaching to consumers + tight deadlines + interaction with clients, agencies and media, authorities etc, I guess there is no better ecosystem of emotions, drama and team work that takes place before each successful (or not) campaigns. No surprise that there has been a number of award winning fictional world of books, dramas and movies stemming from the world of advertising such as Mad Men 

With seven Oscars nominations, the recent movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and 2 wins of Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Frances McDormand and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Sam Rockwell, it is quite certain that these Three Billboards surely have caused enough drama for such stirring emotions to unfurl.

Spoiler alert- there is NO happy ending. But neither was there a sad ending. Much like life, it goes on with some inkling of hope.

It started with a tragedy. The no one can help on further or speak about anymore.

And then the Mother of the story booked Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It was on a road that was barely used anymore due to the opening of the new highway, but near where her daughter was found dead.
Photo from - 3-billboards
3 billboards - bright background, clear text and written with less than 7 words per billboard.
Less than 11 words across 3 billboards sparked off the whole movie as it stirs up feelings and actions of the rest of the town. 

That's how a good billboard work - viewable by all passing through, immediate impact and the message from the good Out of Home message will pull all the other information coming in/ conversations from others from the rest of the day into the consciousness. 

You will then pass by the billboard regularly as you pass through the road or the mall. And the message bothered more and more people. Even the pastor and the children at school were talking about these three billboards. 

These three billboards bothered some so much, that it was even destroyed by arson. But like any good billboard media owner, it was replaced free of charge by the own thanks to insurance protection. That got me laughing. 

So that's also my warranty to you if you work with us ;)  

This movie not only had numerous Oscar nomination and 2 wins, it also sparked off a series of advertisements after other school tragedies - Adweek article here "3 Billboards’-Inspired Ads Calling Out Paul Ryan After Parkland School Shooting"

Photo from Adweek 
How come?

You can trust this billboard to ensure this question in on the top of many people's mind for the rest of it s display period and longer.