JetStar Asia and POSB Everyday Card

It was certainly a yummy weekend for everyone at Orchard Road last weekend. Here I am eating again! This time, the courtesy was from a joint promotion from JetStar Asia and the POSB Everyday card.
All I had to do was to flash my POSB Everyday Card, and FREE ICE-CREAM. Yes, the banks are giving away free Ben&Jerry's every weekend during road shows anyway, but at least I do not have to entertain sales talk to get cooled down. This is also very good at targeting the tourists as well.
There were at least 10 of these ice-cream vendors all over Orchard Road last weekend. Complete with their brand new umbrellas featuring the promotion of 10% off all airfares when using POSB Everyday Card to book for tickets from
JetStar Asia. These grouchy vendors were also deck out in crisp white shirts and the baseball caps too. Looking quite smart, unlike the usual days..

Yummy. When's the next food give away again??

Date spotted: 18-20 Apr 07, 21-22 Apr 07
Location: Outside Caltex House, Orchard Road