Myanmar Travels & Festivities

Why Myanmar?

The weather is just getting hotter each day. Even the rain only lasts for a short while and it gets humid again in a matter of minutes! Do you feel like standing in the cold shower forever? Well that's going to increase your water bill. Don't worry, there is a better way out plus, a short getaway involved.

For a few days, typically between 12th till 16th of April , it is the water festival in a few countries; Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. They have different names in different countries; Pi Mai Lao in Laos, Songkran in Thailand and Thingyan in Myanmar.
This festival is celebrated towards the end of the hot, dry season and welcoming the Myanmar New Year. Everyone is spraying at each other using water hoses, water guns, or even just throwing pails of water. This activity symbolises the 'washing off' of the bad luck and sins in the past year for a fresh new start. 

So who wouldn't want to cool down with a short getaway? In coincidence with the festival, Myanmar Airlines is now aggressively showing their presence via OOH media. We have just put up a magnificent billboard in Vietnam (below).

Myanmar Airlines @ Vietnam Central Business District
Still more to come, Myanmar Airlines in Singapore... Stay tuned in!