Shell Outdoor Advertising on Mobile Billboard

"Win 1 Year's Free Fuel Daily!"

This is what our mobile billboard for Shell is shouting out all over Singapore. Launched yesterday on Wed 14 Apr, our mobile billboard will reach out to all drivers in Singapore. Here are some photos of the truck traveling near Bugis/ Suntec area, and at Kent Ridge (NUS)

TPM also executed a similar project for Queensland Tourism in 2009. Read more here

What is a Mobile Billboard?
It is a giant truck fitted with a double-sided billboard display which may move everywhere and at anytime around in Singapore. It is very effective for reaching the target audience such as the youth, IT oriented and road-warrior/ mobile people.

Due to the large creative canvass available, our mobile billboard is highly novel to any campaign efforts. There is ample space avaliable to execute full props decoration and installation of 2D/3D. Our design of the backdrop/ billboard display itself is optimised to provide maximum visibility. It is also highly mobile and can reach almost all roads; the display can be parked at most car park lots.