Mobile Billboard for The Best Job In The World

What Is A Mobile Billboard?
TPM Outdoor deployed a 22-footer truck fitted with a double-sided billboard display which moved everywhere and at anytime around in Singapore. It is very effective for reaching the target audience such as the youth, IT oriented and road-warrior/ mobile people.

Due to the large creative canvass available, our mobile billboard is highly novel to any campaign efforts. There is ample space avaliable to execute full props decoration and installation of 2D/3D. Our design of the backdrop/ billboard display itself is optimised to provide maximum visibility. It is also highly mobile and can reach almost all roads; the display can be parked at most car park lots.

Why Is A Mobile Billboard More Effective?
In our cluttered environment, this is truly and out-of-the-box Out of Home Advertising display that really jumps out. It is attention grabbing thus being able to target the young and IT savvy which spends a lot of time outdoor. It is really the right form of mobile billboard for mobile people. It also helps to reach the exact right places such as at the university or beach areas.

Even as digital media grow online, there is still a strong need for balance in some form of offline advertising in the outdoor context and this mobile billboard may enhance any online efforts/ or marketing of IT related products such as in our recent execution in the “Best Job In The World” campaign for Queensland Tourism.

Why Use the TPM Outdoor Advantage? TPM Outdoor provided the one stop solution from planning, installation to execution including complete in-house production and project management; clearance of any authority requirements. We also provided optional items including billboard placement, talent sourcing and events management.

Successful case: For the “Best Job In The World” campaign for Queensland Tourism
The total period of display was for 2 weeks in the mid of January 2009. The mobile billboard creative execution was aimed to drive online applications for the “Best Job In The World” as Island Caretaker at the Islands of Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Together with Posterscope South-East Asia as the outdoor specialist for this project, we worked together with the out-of-home specialist and client to customise a route that encompasses the Live.Work.Play. The Work and Study route : CBD Shenton way, Raffles Place, Orchard road, University; Play route: East Coast (Beach Area); the Live route at various Heartlands and also focusing at Jurong Point, Tampines Mall. Talents were also deployed at each rest-stop to help distribute flyers and further engaged members of the public.

It was an overwhelming success to everyone. A first for the client, TPM and the current Out-of-Home Advertising scene in Singapore. The client also shared her thoughts with us on….

Thank you too - It has been our joy to be of service. See you in the outdoors again soon!