Bear Sighting in Singapore - Philips Electronics "It's a Close Shave"

The recent bear sighting in Singapore was a result of a viral marketing campaign by Philips Electronics for its shaver series.

Reminicent of the Singpost's Vandalised post boxes which was intended as a viral campaign for the Singapore Youth Olympics, the relevant authorities were activated for the wrong reasons again.

There was also this Balloon Boy incident in United States, 2009 - where by a 6 year old boy was feared adrift in a wayward homemade helium balloon. This Balloon Boy hoax costs the government US$47,000 for rescue search. In fact, his parents was later sentenced with jail terms for "the exploitation of the children..., exploitation of the media, exploitation of the emotions of the people"

It is my personal opinion that if this bear was spotted in some mall in bright day with approperiate signages ie. "Have a Close Shave Today!" Then I will laugh rather than shudder in fear which was my first reaction when I saw this picture of the "Bear in Singapore."

Sant Qiu had commented on his blog on Channelnews Asia today, on the marketing aspects of such a campagin, which was a worthy read for me too.