Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010

Had the pleasure to be invited to the Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010 organised by the Singapore Advertisers Association on Oct 14 2010. It was a great showing and more importantly, the insights shared during the judges’ panel. Some comments from the judges’ panel that I remember include:

  • Emergence of a new medium – The Audience. Whereby the audience become the communicators of the message in Nokia's "The World's Biggest Signpost".

  • Creating “Contagious Ideas”

  • Even the best creative directors cannot force the clients to take risk; however, it is with the recession that clients are more open to explore new ways of getting the message out within a well-managed budget.

  • With so many filtering mechanisms available to the audience, the audience makes the choice to want to watch the advertisement. Thus a good advertisement will be able to give the audience a laugh or some useful consumer insight that the audience wants to know ie. Old Spice “Smell Like A Man”

    The Cannes Lions Awards Screening 2010 was a fun and insightful afternoon thanks to the Singapore Advertisers’ Association.

    More pictures from the Cannes Lion 2010 from Ads Of The World
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