5 Design Lessons Learned From Billboard Ads

Five design lessons learned from Billboard Advertising by James Adams via Design Juices, article here

A bit of a flip from our previous blog sharing from Paul's "pauldervan: random thoughts on marketing". Paul's key principles were summariesed as: Single image. Of a person (that you'd notice). Strong contrast in colour between image and background. Short headline. Easy to read. Well branded. Simple message. And loads of space.

Addressing from a design point of view, James' article echo similar priciples summarised as
1. Minimise the Amount of Text Used

2. Use Simpler Design Elements

3. Consider 3D Elements
- by varying Tint or Tone of the advertisement
- by using Three Dimensional Objects

4. Incorporate Pictures for Ads in Long-term Campaigns

5. Integrate Objects of Differing Sizes

On top of a high traffic location, these 5 design principles will ensure that your billboard advertisement can grab more eyeballs.