Some Principles on How to do good outdoor ads.

Paul from "pauldervan: random thoughts on marketing" shared some guiding principles for outdoor creative. There are many campaigns that were GREAT on so many other media, but floundered when it was executed on the outdoor medium...

To quote Paul - "Outdoor advertising is difficult. It looks simple but it is not.


Because it requires the ultimate in communication focus.

With TV, you have time to build a story. You use visual cues, time, movement, story, character building, dialogue and music - all to help you make a point. Radio has some of these advantages too. As does online. Even press gives you more time to make your case, give more information."

Paul shared an example of a classic outdoor ad on this post:

'Hello Boys' is now famous for apparently causing traffic accidents back in 1994....

And it follows the principles. Single image. Of a person (that you'd notice). Strong contrast in colour between image and background. Short headline. Easy to read. Well branded. Simple message. And loads of space.

Read more details here on Paul's sharing for GREAT outdoor creative... Do share your comments here with me or with Paul at his website. Here's to seeing more outstanding creative in Out-of-Home media... Hallelujah!