Outdoor Advertising is More Relevant Than Ever Especially for Digital Companies

According to a Techcrunch article - by Jonathan Sills - OUTDOOR IS THE NEW BLACK It is clear the outdoor advertising is making a comeback, and more so for advertisers from the digital and technology ones. In fact, the higher the propensity smartphone savvy consumers, the more evident the use of outdoor advertising. Digital advertising and outdoor advertising are highly complementary for the following reason 1. Both digital advertising and outdoor advertising reaches the highly mobile and always on the move consumer 2. Digital advertising creates a pull effect when the consumer searches for the content and the consumer is usually hooked on its digital platform of choice. More and more consumers are turning to adblocking due to over exposure and concerns for data protection. Outdoor advertising can reach these consumer where other analog media such as newspapers, TV, radio and magazines cannot since ALL such information needs are replaced by online channles. And so far, as I know, no app can actually block an outdoor advertising yet. ;p Noted by the Techcrunch article:
"Big cities like San Francisco and New York are digital meccas, home to many of the world’s largest technology startups — and to hordes of smartphone-toting, app-using consumers. But when it comes to making a name for themselves, many of the companies hoping to influence these techie urbanites are going decidedly analog. In these cities, and others, it’s hard to miss the resurgence of old-school, outdoor marketing on behalf of venture-backed technology companies. And we’re not just talking about traditional highway billboards. These days, taxi tops, newspaper stands, bus stands and even the buses themselves — traditionally the turf of local advertisers like museums and the lottery — are blaring messages for the likes of Percolate, DraftKings, Rinse and Jet.com. Most outdoor-marketing campaigns need to be executed in conjunction with separate (or related) digital campaigns, which leverage incredible data and analytics to improve targeting. But when advertising outdoors — not a venue in which marketers can track clicks and engagement — companies today need to be more strategic and thoughtful in how they place and position these old-school ads."

Some of the online to offline advertisement billboards for TPM Outdoor this year includes -

For Motoworld - in boosting their online sales channel at the Jalan Besar Plaza area where there is a large concentration of motorcycle shops

For Traveloka - one of Indonesia's fastest growing tech company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As stated from their LinkedIn page, Traveloka was founded in 2012 by ex-Silicon Valley engineers, the company aims to revolutionize human mobility through technology. Many Indonesians are already booking via this platform and Traveloka is reaching out beyond Indonesia

Further from the same Techcrunch article - OUTDOOR IS THE NEW BLACK, the author Jonathan Sills created a very detailed and well crafted summary of the FOUR KEY SUCCESS CRITERIA OF OUTDOOR ADVERTISING
"But I believe outdoor advertisers can increase their odds of success if they evaluate their buys against four key elements: time, place, “state of mind” and creative relevance. All of these increase the likelihood of provoking action, as well as getting eyeballs. Call it the “quadruple-threat” of outdoor marketing."
I am so excited about this “quadruple-threat” of outdoor marketing" and we will be sharing details of how our advertisers have used these criteria to their best advantage when choosing our Outdoor Advertising locations