Queensway; A Local Hero

Queensway Shopping Centre is getting busier and busier with the addition of new places of interests such as Park Hotel, Alexandra Central and all the amenities that come with it.

What to expect:
  • Hipster Cafes, Restaurants
  • Spas, Salons, Boutiques
  • Electronic & Appliance Stores
  • Education Centers

What’s already there:
  • IKEA, Park Hotel, Alexandra Central
  • Car Showrooms; BMW, Porsche, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota, etc

This area is already bustling with business people / working adults gathering for lunch or dinner, more tourists / foreigners on vacation, staying in the newly launched hotel.

On that note, this is a very strategic location for outdoor billboard advertising as it is a unique media centre package. It can now reach out to a more variety of audiences -be it the young, the pioneers, the working class or the frequent passer bys who use this route to and fro everyday.

The type of media displays that we own in this area includes;
  • External Displays – wrap around billboards
  • Internal Displays – total immersion experience
  • Giant LED Screen Wrap and exclusive Airtime 

So don't miss a chance to have Queensway -The Local Hero- to be part of your marketing plans. (: