Design of the Year 2015 - One of the Nominated Designs - Air Purifying Billboard

Spotted on Zaobao last week, a couple of nominees of the Design of the Year 2015 were featured. "Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year - See more at:

One of them caught my eye most: It is an Air Purifying Billboard done as a joint design of University of Technology and Engineering of Peru (UTEC) and FCB Mayo. According to the details written by Gizmag: "...Its latest creation scrubs the air free of pollutants. According to the team, a single billboard can do the work of 1,200 trees, purifying 100,000 cubic meters (3.5 million cubic feet) of air daily in crowded cities."

In 2013, the same joint designers created the Billboard That Produces Water - Fast Company  which I had shared before in an earlier post. 

Billboards that not only spread the message, but can be engineered (literally) to create a positive impact for the environment. Movable billboards can even transport needy children to schools. Or maybe, more simply, what about billboards causing you a smile at least? ;D