They thought Outdoor Media Advertising was Passé. Until They Saw The Reasons Why…

Did you know that Out of home advertising, otherwise known as Outdoor Media advertising, or OOH, has one of the lowest cost per impression of all forms of marketing, making it one of the most cost efficient? In the era of Digital where tons of content is being 'thrown' in the face of consumers on a daily basis, it is increasingly difficult to rely purely on online ads and content to cut through.
Outdoor advertisements cuts through the clutter and reaches people in a high impact way. After all, we now spend a majority of our waking hours out and about.
When used innovatively together with new technologies, the results can be nothing short of spectacular. (See how Coke does it here with their integrated campaign)

We came up with a handy infographic for Reasons why Outdoor Media (OOH) is effective -- Click picture to enlarge:

If you need your marketing message to cut through the 'noise' and reach your intended audience, you should explore this cost-efficient high impact form of advertising. Talk to your friendly TPM Outdoor specialist today to find out how. Contact us for a no-obligations chat at 6273 0556 or

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