Designtaxi - Playful IKEA Billboards Poke Fun At Its Self-Assembly Furniture

To my horror, and once in a blue blue cheese moon, we do commit installation errors in our outdoor advertising installation. And then I see this at - Playful IKEA Billboards Poke Fun At Its Self-Assembly Furniture - when being wrong gets the right message across.

Taken from Designtaxi - If you’ve ever owned a piece of IKEA furniture, you’ll know that they can be surprisingly tricky to assemble even with the instructions provided. 
 To illustrate this fact, the Swedish furniture brand has unveiled billboards that playfully poke fun at its self-assembly products. Dubbed ‘Assembly Fail’, the billboards feature jumbled posters advertising its assembly service with the tagline “Our assembly service is happy to help.” 
 They were created by Hamburg-based agency thjnk, who previously came up with these family tree ads and an RGB billboard for the brand.

The RGB billboard was posted in this blog here 
Very very very smart and great use of the outdoor media and the content.