Bright Lights in Singapore - Havelock Road, Eu Tong Sen Street

One of our TPM Outdoor media highlights is the large number of Out-of-Home billboard advertising displays we have in the second shopping belt of Singapore. The stretch of Eu Tong Sen Street and junction of Havelock Road towards the CDB of Singapore is one of the brightest and most high energy areas in Singapore especially in the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival month. It is little wonder that I am more impressed with this year's Light Up since it was conceptualized by Singapore University of Technology and Design!

Paraphrasing the words of this YouTube video publisher - We had ushered in the prosperous Year of the Horse with 88 illuminated lantern sculptures of horses galloping towards prosperity and countless gold coins suspended along the street. It is a refreshing and innovative Horse theme design that combines traditions with modern design.

This is a wonderful video of the 2014 年牛车水农历新年庆祝活动与亮灯仪式 - 2014 Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up Ceremony. That's to show how crowded and popular such street activities are with the locals and tourists!

Bright lights, festive shopping and the loud cries of the street vendors really create the best atmosphere for everyone here! Some of our advertisers celebrating with us during this period include Daikin and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Out-of-Home advertising in Singapore at the right place and right time, can really capture the right eyeballs your advertising campaigns are aiming for!


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