The Branded Crime Fighters

By Chris Ong

Across the globe, we always view any police force as individuals that are vigilant and brave; the same could be said for our own Singapore Police Force (SPF). We can be sure that we are safe in the hands of these crime fighters.

In recent years, we can see a rise in public awareness about crime prevention all around us.
“A brand is a psychological construct in the mind of everyone who’s aware of us,” said Mr. Ng, who was made police chief in 2010. He kicked started a series of campaign to educate us citizens to keep a look out for our surrounding and engage the public with the force.

An image paints a thousand words; a wall of text requires you to read through it, a video needs you to invest time if you want to watch entirely of it. Images does not have either of those problems, instead, what you see is what you get. Advertising not only benefits consumer goods, it can be used to create awareness and public message for everyone.

From pillar wraps to large format billboard display, we can see SPF putting effort to educate and encourage the public to fight crime together with the force.

Lowest Crime Rate in 29 Years

Statistics shows that Singapore enjoyed the lowest crime rate in 29 years. Of course, the vigilant policemen and patrolmen are doing their job diligently to ensure that these crimes would not happen under their watch. But a lot more effort was placed into crime prevention campaign that was spread across the nation.
TPM is proud to be part of SPF campaign which was pushed out in Mid-March. This campaign was spanned across various places in Singapore to ensure that the message to be well received nationwide.

Giant Lightbox located at Furam City Center 
Tri-vision Display located at People's Park Complex 

These awareness messages are strategically located at places with high human and vehicle traffics which ensure that no one misses them. To reach out to more people, SPF choose to make use of table tops across various major food centers to help push the awareness even more. Around 800 table top displays were used to cover 8 major food centers across Singapore. 

Joo Chiat Food Center Table Top Displays 

Sembawang Hill Food Center Table Top Displays 

Serangoon Food Center Table Top Displays 

Joo Chiat Food Center 

With that much amount of impression that is carefully placed at every corner of Singapore, we sure believe that these images are “Burn” into the minds of all our fellow citizens. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, we strongly believe that these prevention measures that the SPF took will be well worth the effort.