NFC Breakthrough through VISA and Samsung Collaboration

Samsung and Visa Take NFC Mobile Payments Global - By Mashable

As mentioned in the article, this move by mobile giant Samsung and the global secure platform provided by VISA "is exactly the sort of boost NFC needs to really take off in the payments space in the U.S. and other regions that have been reluctant to adopt it."

Aside from the current use of QR codes, digital screens and real-time information pushing, NFC is the next step to in digital Out-of-Home. QR codes are successful in several campaigns worldwide has shared in an earlier post by Chris. TPM Outdoor also had a great case study on one of our billboards shared in an earlier post by Stephen. We also wrote about NFC trials taking place by overseas industry players shared in an earlier post here.

Fearfully exciting times. We are getting closer to that infamous "Minority Report" scene, shared in an earlier post and here...

Guess Tom Cruise could have paid for his purchases at Gap more easily with NFC.