By Chris Ong
Our marketing colleague, Chris has unearthed some insights for digital and Out-of-Home OOH. Here are his thoughts -

Marketers have been implementing the use of QR codes in out door advertisement, bringing traditional print campaign with online contents to make it more accessible with consumers. There has been an increasingly amount of local marketers tapping into this innovative technology to gain competitive advantage in their projects.

Scan and go at one of the shopping wall! From Wallblog

One simple example we can look at is how one of our local transport provider and a supermarket chain collaborate together to come out with Singapore’s first shopping wall. This innovative campaign that can be found at some MRT station make use of simple QR codes that allows consumers to purchase items with just a simple scan of the QR code. Sounds great?

Tesco’s shopping wall in Korea From The CMO Site

We can look at one very successful implementation of a similar campaign that was done by Tesco in Korea, this very successful campaign helped pushed Tesco to claim first in the online market and a close second in offline market. This proves that the specific and strategic position of the posters could really gain exposure and penetrate to the busy and hectic people of Korea. Simple use of outdoor advertising and QR codes made it easy for consumers to purchase their items when they are waiting for their train.

So, how can we make this process even simpler and faster? A rising star in digital outdoor advertising is the Near-Field Communication (NFC) provides a tentative solution. It’s a set of short-range wireless protocols, similar to Bluetooth, which enables devices to share information, provide wireless access such as electronic keyless entry, and enables transactions such as mobile payment. Currently, not all handsets are equipped with this new technology, but we strongly believe that this will be the new and promising direction that digital out-of-home advertising will go!

What about us?

One of our clients had jumped onto the bandwagon and proved to us that this new technology will be here to stay and grow!