Billboards are more creative than anyone has yet to imagine: Mike Fromowitz

Taken from Campaign Asia "Billboards are more creative than anyone has yet to Imagine" By: Mike Fromowitz.

...there are still many traditional mainstream means of advertising, like outdoor billboards that have been, and are still today, useful and powerful means of advertising products and services. Generally, many of us tend to travel the same routes on a daily basis. This repetition makes outdoor advertising a great choice to generate high awareness levels in a short period of time. Because of this valuable characteristic, the medium is often used for new product or service introductions. Regrettably, many billboards being created today are boring and unmemorable, resulting in very little return on investment....

I’ve always liked the creative potential of billboards. The best of them capture your attention, whether driving on the road or walking along the street. Some will even change themselves according to weather and time! Some are brilliant. Others are very funny. Perhaps its time to review their great potential once again.

Mike Fromowitz goes on to share a detailed list of strategies that he ensures will get your billboard noticed and remembered. These strategies include:
  1. Six to Eight words or less works best. 
  2. Get Notice: Being very, very clear about the product message.
  3. Copy styles: Copy must be big and clear in order to be read easily.
  4. Billboards are not the place for direct response: Billboards are a medium for quick messaging.
  5. Billboard graphics: Use graphics that will make people turn around and take a second look
  6. Billboards should be smart, and simple. 
  7. Don’t Say It, Show It. Do something eye-catching and memorable
  8. Entertain and use humour
No amount of paraphrasing will beat the full article found here.
Other creative gems for billboard desgins from Pauldervan and James Adams are archived here and here 


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Anonymous said…
Because of their size and concept, billboard are hard to ignore. They catch our attention and it is the creativity that these signs California capture their target audience faster. Getting ahead from your competitors can be difficult but if you know that what you offer is great, you will not have much difficulty establishing your name. Thanks for the info!
Unknown said…
Even though outdoor advertising can make a huge difference in our business, the success depends on how uniquely we advertise it.
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