Solus Outdoor Advertising


[saw-loos; Eng. soh-luhs]
adjective Latin .
(referring to a man) alone; by oneself (used formerly in stage directions).

It is common enough media jargon word: An article on "Media Promotion: How Promotion Is Accomplished" (link here)defines a 'Solus' Position: It implies that there is no adjacent advertisement. Large 'supersite' outdoor advertisements occupy isolated or 'solus' sites often decorated with gardens and given extended visibility by means of floodlights. A single advertisement on the page likewise enjoys a 'solus' position.

Having a solus outdoor advertising or a solus billboard is important especially when we are considering corporate branding messages. As the viewing distance is very far, the recommended display format is open neon or channel lettering to create a spectacular effect. However, such formats are not always technically or regulatory feasible, so frontlit displays are also common. A solus outdoor advertising display is also usually in a prominent location or a significant location which adds to the prestige of such a corporate branding sign.

Are you looking for a spectacular, high profile solus outdoor advertising display or a solus billboard?


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