QR Technology Are Effective On Billboards Too

Contributed by our colleague, Stephen:

With marketers exploring more interactivity between brands and customers, Quick Response Technology (QR Technology) has become increasingly popular especially in the outdoor advertising realm.

TPM Outdoor’s latest client, iFunds.com, embarked on an Out-of-Home advertising campaign to promote its financial portal using QR technology at our Furama Hotel giant billboard. The lightbox, strategically located at the city centre is an ideal location for passersby and vehicles from the CBD area and international visitors to the nearby Central Business District (CBD). It is also a key advertisement billboard display to target those heading into Shenton Way via Havelock Road in Singapore.

A QR code which consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background was printed on the lower left hand corner of the lightbox banner. The user than uses a camera phone with a QR code reader application to scan over it. This application then directs the user to the financial portal.

Contrary to common beliefs that billboards are too high and distant for the user to scan, TPM Outdoor have several locations with billboards low enough for the user to participate.

Back to iFunds.com, the code was estimated to be about 1.5 m from the ground level and the user conducted the scan at about 10m away from the lightbox.

It works!

Billboards not only deliver the big impact, the strong message and also the interactivity and beyond. Billboards are more than static boards; Billboards can deliver across multiple platforms and will be part of the media landscape in future.